Dirk Nowitzki Makes History As Just The 7th Player All-Time To Score 28,000 Points

Dirk Nowitzki joined elite company tonight against the Thunder as became just the seventh player in NBA history to score 28,000 points.


Dirk Nowitzki Is One-Of-A-Kind, But He Just Thinks He’s ‘Weird’

Dirk Nowitzki was asked to reflect on his recent milestone. His response was classic Dirk.

monta ellis

Moody Monta Rebounds From Cold Shooting Stretch To Score 38 In Win Over Spurs

Monta's moodiness doesn't really matter when he finds the bottom of the cup like he did with 38 points against the Spurs.


Taking Candy From A Baby: Kawhi Leonard Easily Rips Monta Ellis With Two Hands


Monta Ellis either forgot that the San Antonio Spurs wing has klaws for hands, or simply thought "having it all" would rule the day. Either way, we suggest he try a different approach next time. Leonard leads the league in steals for a reason, and this was far too easy for him.

monta ellis

Monta Ellis’ Happy Honeymoon In Dallas Is On The Ropes

After resurrecting his career and revitalizing his image in Dallas, Monta Ellis is suddenly the pariah of team heading down the wrong path.


Dirk Nowitzki Says Steve Nash Overcame Being ‘White And Unathletic’ En Route To Hall-Of-Fame Career


Steve Nash is a future Hall-of-Famer, but that doesn't mean the two-time MVP played the game without flaws. And former teammate and close friend Dirk Nowitzki has a far more simplistic take on reasons for Nash's shortcomings than most of us.


Steve Nash Announces His Official Retirement In An Excellent, Self-Penned ‘Players’ Tribune’ Piece


The 41-year-old Nash announced his official retirement in a piece he wrote for "The Players' Tribune." We'll miss his foppy tresses.


Rick Carlisle Has Taken To Screaming Pop Quiz Questions At Rondo Before Games


After a yelling match between Rick Carlisle and Rajon Rondo last month, Rondo is apparently still getting yelled at on the regular.


Amar’e Stoudemire Attacks Mavs After Blowout Loss, Saying ‘I Came Here To Win’


STAT groused about Dallas' play against the Cavs last night, but he shouldn't throw stones from his glass house of porous defense.


Lets All Gape As Chandler Parsons Puts Ryan Kelly On Ice With This Crossover

Welp, it was either a slippery court, or Parsons buzzed Ryan Kelly something fierce in Dallas' 100-93 win at Staples last night.


Rajon Rondo On Prospect Of Re-Signing With Dallas Mavericks: ‘I Love It Here’

Rajon Rondo didn't commit to re-signing with the Dallas Mavericks this summer upon December's trade from the Boston Celtics, but that certainly seemed the most likely scenario. Not only will Dallas possess the ability to offer the former All-Star a more lucrative contract than competitors, but Mark Cuban and company also made clear they envision Rondo wearing Mavericks for the foreseeable future.

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Steph Curry Fakes A Behind-The-Back Move Before Dishing The Lefty Bullet For A Corner 3-Pointer

We've seen Steph Curry go behind his back before. The Golden State Warriors maestro can do it to free space for himself, but also wield such trickery to find an open teammate. And here's the most awesome part: Curry normally utilizes behind-the-back moves with left hand.

Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews Tears His Left Achilles’ Tendon, Is Done For The Season

Around the 10 minute mark in the third quarter last night, Wesley Matthews caught an outlet with only Dirk Nowitzki to beat.


Reports: Warriors, Heat, Mavericks Have Interest In Signing JaVale Mcgee Upon Release From Sixers

JaVale McGee's time as a starting center is over, and his brief tenure as a mentor for the Philadelphia 76ers is, too. In his next NBA role, it seems the talented but inconsistent big man could play the part of frontcourt reserve for a contender.


Watch Spry Dirk Nowitzki Sprint Floor In Transition And Throw Down (Somewhat) Powerful Dunk

This is the fastest we've seen Dirk Nowitzki run since 2010-2011. It's only right that the not so fleet-footed 37 year-old's obvious effort paid off with one of his most powerful dunks in years.


Rick Carlisle Says Player, Team Need To Make Rajon Rondo’s ‘Stint’ With Mavs As Successful As Possible


There's been nothing on the record since Rajon Rondo's on-court spat with Rick Carlisle and subsequent one-game suspension that directly suggests the former All-Star won't re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks this summer. It goes without saying, however, that tension like this makes that possibility seem more likely than ever.


Mavs Suspend Rajon Rondo For Tonight’s Game Against Hawks Following Argument With Rick Carlisle

The Dallas Mavericks have acted swiftly and decisively to discipline Rajon Rondo following his on-court spat with coach Rick Carlisle. Dallas announced that the recently acquired former All-Star point guard has been suspended for tonight's game against the Atlanta Hawks due to "conduct detrimental to the team."

Rick Carlisle

Expletives Fly During On-Court Argument Between Rajon Rondo And Rick Carlisle


When Rondo failed to heed instructions from coach Rick Carlisle last night, a TO was called and they exchanged curses before Rondo was benched.

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