Six Television Series/Seasons Recently Released To Netflix Worth Watching

By | 56 Comments

A few new television titles added to Netflix's catalogue worth checking out.


What's On Tonight: Rednecks Vs. Evil

By | 10 Comments

The best and worst (mostly worst) of what's on offer tonight on TV, plus a Netflix recommendation.


What's On Tonight: Musical Chairs On Steroids. No, I'm Not Kidding

By | 6 Comments

Tonight's television highlights top-lined by ... an extreme musical chairs game show hosted by Jamie Kennedy.


What's On Tonight: Oh, Hey, Rose Byrne

By | 10 Comments

The season premiere of "Damages," "Futurama," and more.


Warming Glow’s Summer TV Preview

By | 31 Comments

Come summer time, the only thing worth watching on the Big Four Networks is…when does football start again.


Expository Subtitles: The Future of TV

By | 21 Comments

Recently, DirecTV began airing episodes of "Damages" with subtitles that help explain background information viewers might not know if they missed previous episodes of the complex legal drama.

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