‘Tomorrowland’ Teases Its Super Bowl Trailer With Jet Packs And George Clooney


Disney will be debuting a new 30-second trailer for Tomorrowland during the Super Bowl, but here is Disney's teaser for the trailer.

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‘The Leftovers’ Is Shaking Things Up By Undergoing A Creative Reboot For Season Two

By | 12 Comments

Reports are claiming that 'The Leftovers' is going through a creative reboot that will spread the show beyond the world of season one.


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Called The ‘Lost’ Finale A ‘Nightmare’ And A ‘Betrayal’

By | 35 Comments

James Gunn was a big fan of the 'True Detective' finale, but totally throws Damon Lindelof under the bus for the 'Lost' finale.


George Clooney Crashed NYCC With The First Trailer For ‘Tomorrowland’, Slammed ‘Batman And Robin’

By | 13 Comments

George Clooney said funny things in a surprise visit to New York Comic-Con, and here's the first trailer for his sci-fi 'Tomorrowland'.


How J.J. Abrams And Damon Lindelof Tricked ABC Into Creating ‘Lost’

By | 33 Comments

'Lost' was one of the most ambitious and creative TV shows ever. But, it was almost something else.


‘The Leftovers’ Recap: Be Careful About Who You Wish Would Disappear From Your Life

By | 38 Comments

A flashback episode fills in the cracks in some of 'The Leftovers' mysteries.


HBO Renews ‘The Leftovers’ For A Second Season To The Delight And Dismay Of Many

By | 18 Comments

One of TV's most divisive series will be back for a second season on HBO.


Watch Nicolas Cage Not Get Raptured In The Official Trailer For ‘Left Behind’

By | 21 Comments

Have you been watching HBO's 'The Leftovers?' Well, don't. Stop wasting your time and watch this trailer instead.


‘The Leftovers’ Recap: The Damon Lindelof We Know And Love From ‘Lost’ Has Come Out To Play

By | 22 Comments

The unanswered questions are beginning to mount, and 'The Leftovers' is really beginning to get fun.


‘The Leftovers’ Theory: Who Really Killed Spoiler Spoiler?

By | 19 Comments

A theory about the person -- or people -- behind the death of a pivotal character on HBO's 'The Leftovers.'


‘The Leftovers’ Discussion: The Book Of Job, And Why Some Refuse To Give Damon Lindelof A Fair Shake

By | 89 Comments

The brilliance of last night's episode of 'The Leftovers' was missed on some who refuse to see it because of Damon Lindelof.


Why HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Really Matters, And What It Is Trying To Tell Us About Ourselves

By | 121 Comments

Buckle the f**k in. 'The Leftovers' is going to challenge everything you believe.


What The Critics Are Saying About HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

By | 65 Comments

Should you watch 'The Leftovers'? Here's a rundown of the mostly positive reviews for HBO series.


How The Maligned ‘Lost’ Finale Completely Transformed Our Perceptions Of Damon Lindelof For the Better

By | 70 Comments

How intense public scrutiny in the wake of 'The Lost' finale brought out the best in Damon Lindelof.


Damon Lindelof Opens Up About ‘The Leftovers,’ Quitting Twitter, And, Yes, The ‘Lost’ Finale

By | 37 Comments

In a new profile in the New York Times, Damon Lindelof discusses all things Lindelof, past and present.

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