justin bieber's dumb hat

Damon Lindelof Hilariously Goes Off On Justin Bieber's Dumb Hat In Epic Twitter Rant

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Damon Lindelof, apparently in a fit of procrastination, took to Twitter to dis Justin Bieber's hat. Over and over and over again.


It's Hugh Laurie Versus George Clooney In Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland'


Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to play the villain in Disney's 'Tomorrowland', which stars George Clooney. Let the battle of the TV doctors commence!


‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Super Bowl Spot Asks The Question We’ve All Been Thinking

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The newest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' TV spot premiered during the Super Bowl last night. Needless to say, Tumblr exploded with pictures and GIFs.


10 Of Today’s Best Television Showrunners And Their Embarrassing Early Writing Gigs

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A look at the early work of television showrunners like J.J. Abrams, Vince Gilligan, Shawn Ryan, and Damon Lindelof.


New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Pictures, Now With More Defenestration

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The February issue of Empire magazine is dedicated to this year's sci-fi movies, including this huge spread on 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.


New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: Listen to Bruce Greenwood, Kirk.

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The new trailer for the JJ Abrams-directed, Kurtzman/Orci/Lindelof-scripted Star Trek Into Darkness just hit the web this morning (not to be confused with the <a href="" target="_blank">shorter teaser</a> from last week or the teaser teaser before that).


‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Character Names For Benedict Cumberbatch And Alice Eve Revealed (Spoilers)

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We have a new photo and numerous updates about 'Star Trek Into Darkness' including the names of Benedict Cumberbatch And Alice Eve's characters. Plus bonus Klingon news.


Two ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Teasers Put Kirk’s Family Into Peril

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Two teasers for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' are here. Enjoy these final moments of peace, for Benedict Cumberbatch has returned to have his vengeance.


J.J. Abrams Shows Conan O’Brien The First Super-Exciting Clip From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’


J.J. Abrams visited Conan O'Brien last night to talk about the upcoming 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. He brought with him three frames of the film. Yes, three.


'Lost' Writer Damon Lindelof Will Soon Be Blamed for Screwing Up The Rapture, Too

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I'll say this for Damon Lindelof, the guy behind much of "Lost" and who wrote the screenplay for Prometheus: He creates fascinating stories and compelling characters, and it's only because we get so invested in them that we feel burned when he doesn't stick the landing.


Review: Prometheus

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I read <a href="" target="_blank">a piece</a> on David Fincher recently where he described a distinction between "films" and "movies.

Brad Pitt

Thank You Baby Jesus: Damon Lindelof Is Rewriting 'World War Z'

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With Vince out for the day having another rib removed, we can finally talk about some real movie news around here.

Damon Lindelof Has No Regrets About the Ending of 'Lost'

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It's been exactly two years since the series finale of "Lost" aired and subsequently snapped the Internet in half like a stale pretzel rod.


Charlize Theron Wields A Flamethrower And Reads 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

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We have one more Prometheus featurette to add to the <a href="">enormous pile</a> from yesterday.


God Doesn't Build In Straight Lines In The First Clip From 'Prometheus'


Ridley Scott has released the first clip from <a href="">Prometheus</a>, which opens in just a few more weeks (June 8th).

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