Ghostbusters 3 is Dan Aykroyd’s white whale

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Jesus, how long has Dan Aykroyd been talking about Ghostbusters 3 now.

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‘SNL’ Recap: Justin Timberlake (And Steve Martin, Jay-Z, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks, More)

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A recap of last night's Justin Timberlake-hosted episode of "SNL," with special guests Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Jay-Z, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and more.


SNL: It’s A Date


A lucky bachelorette must choose between a regular man and two interesting group date combinations.


SNL: Justin Timberlake Joins The Five-Timers Club


Justin Timberlake celebrates his fifth Saturday Night Live hosting gig with fellow members of the Five-Timers Club, including Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Chevy Chase.

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Crazy Dan Aykroyd Is Now Talking Multiple Bill Murray-less Ghostbusters Sequels

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Bill Murray has apparently "abrogated his rights" to the series...

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‘Ghostbusters 3′ Scheduled To Film Without Bill Murray, Who Is Still The Lone Sane Voice In The Wilderness

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In which we recap the long development of the probably awful 'Ghostbusters 3', as well as provide a list of reasons Bill Murray is awesome.

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Aykroyd says Ghostbusters 3 will go on without Murray (though it can’t, legally)

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I haven't reported much Ghostbusters 3 news in the past few years, mainly because THERE HASN'T BEEN ANY DAMNED NEWS.


Will Ferrell Is Running For President

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With Casa de mi Padre set to hit theaters on March 16, Will Ferrell is currently in New Orleans working on his latest movie, Dog Fight.

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Bill Murray Shredded The Ghostbusters 3 Script?

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To recap, rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie have been circulating since at least 2008.


Dan Aykroyd Is A Fan Of Troll Quotes

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I'm sharing this not only because I'm a big fan of troll quotes but also because I'd like to believe that Dan Aykroyd didn't expend his last drop of awesomeness almost fifteen years ago in Grosse Point Blank (or that the statute of limitations is up on Blues Brothers 2000 karma).

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“Ghostbusters 3″ Sounds…Kinda Terrible

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Hey, did you want a Ghostbusters sequel with no Venkman, a blind, crippled Stantz, and an Egon so fat he can't even put on his unlicensed nuclear accelerator.


I Would Watch Yogi Bear For This

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If you thought that the brilliant Twitter campaign launched by Tim Heidecker and Neil Hamburger was a masterpiece of destroying what looks to be a terrible film, then make some more room in your Louvre because animator Edmund Earle has put together an alternate ending to the live action Yogi Bear film, which opens this Friday.


10 Best Reasons Not to See Yogi Bear, from Tim & Neil’s Pamphlet

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For months, comedians Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job) have been trying to raise awareness about the Yogi Bear movie, and the threat it poses to our society.

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Exclusive update: Dan Aykroyd *not* rewriting Ghostbusters 3

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If you read movie news at all, and God help you if you do, you probably saw yesterday's story about Dan Aykroyd saying that writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg* (The Office, Year One) had done "a strong first draft" of Ghostbusters 3 that he was "excited about working on.


Isn't That Special: How NBC Could Return Saturday Night Live to Glory

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Each month when we have our Uproxx writer meetings on Fire Island, we always remember to go over the cardinal rules of blogging.


New Yogi trailer is un-BEAR-able! WAKKA WAKKA.

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Here's the new trailer for Yogi Bear, WB's 3d-enizing of the Hannah-Barbera sort-of classic.


Who trailer’d it better? Yogi Bear vs. Titanic 2

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I'm trying out a new segment here on FilmDrunk, "Who trailer'd it better.

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