Dan Harmon Will Replace Your Wife On Your Phone Background No Questions Asked

By | 5 Comments

Winners: Dan Harmon, the internet. Losers: This guy's wife and this guy, probably


Dan Harmon’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Pitch At SXSW Is Better Than Most Movies Coming Out This Year

By | 10 Comments

Dan Harmon is interview at SXSW and drops a movie pitch for 'Dungeons & Dragons' that sounds just fantastic. Get on it, Hollywood.


Watch Dan Harmon Drink His Way Across America In The Trailer For 'Harmontown'

By | 6 Comments

Dan Harmon, creator of 'Community', travels America to drink alcohol, tell jokes, and talk about his life. Also, alcohol.


Take A Break And Investigate The Full Version Of Ben Folds’ Great ‘Ass Crack Bandit’ Song From ‘Community’

By | 12 Comments

The Ass Crack Bandit is still on the loose at Greendale, but you can find the full version of his Ben Folds-penned theme right here, courtesy of Dan Harmon.


Pop! Pop! We Almost Found Out Magnitude’s Real Name In A Deleted Scene From Last Week’s ‘Community’

By | 5 Comments

In a deleted scene revealed by one of the writers on 'Community,' we find out that Magnitude is actually capable of saying more than 'Pop Pop.'


‘Rick And Morty’ Is Getting Really Good Ratings. No Seriously.

By | 29 Comments

Dan Harmon's 'Rick and Morty' gets six seasons and a movie level ratings. Hopefully.


Everyone Should Be Watching Dan Harmon’s Other Great Show, ‘Rick And Morty’

By | 30 Comments

"Community" isn't the only Dan Harmon show you should be watching right now.


11 Crackpot Theories On The Identity Of The Ass Crack Bandit In Last Week’s Episode Of ‘Community’

By | 36 Comments

Who was really behind the ass cracking in Basic Intergluteal Numismatics, last week's episode of 'Community'? Let's investigate.


Dan Harmon Explains How They Pulled Off The Surprise Cameo In The ‘Community’ Season 5 Premiere

By | 17 Comments

After last night's Community Season 5 return, there's one consensus Q that needs an A. Spoilers ahead.


Dan Harmon’s Cobra Commander Shirt And Other Highlights From The ‘Community’ Cast On ‘The Soup’

By | 9 Comments

If Dan Harmon's fat guy-Cobra Commander shirt look doesn't have you convinced Community is returning to form, nothing will.


Dan Harmon Was 'Blown Away' To See Some Of His Ideas Used During Season 4 Of 'Community'

By | 34 Comments

According to Dan Harmon, a number of his ideas that he considered " too difficult a creative challenge" were attempted during Season 4 of "Community."


Get Into The After-Holiday Spirit With This Festive Animated Trailer For Season Five Of ‘Community’

By | 6 Comments

Get into the holiday spirit with this festive animated 'Community' trailer and be sure to return after the holidays to actually watch the show.


A New Trailer For ‘Community’ Season 5 Reveals A Soft Reboot To Save Greendale

By | 19 Comments

NBC has released a new trailer for 'Community' season 5, washing away the stink of season four with a soft reboot.


Donald Glover Insists That He’s Not Depressed (But He Is Really Depressed)

By | 23 Comments

Donald Glover denied that he was depressed to <I>People</i> magazine, and yet, he shows all the symptoms of depression.


‘Community’ Showrunner Dan Harmon Has Heard Some Weird Things About Miley Cyrus

By | 17 Comments

Dan Harmon relays some rumors he's heard about Miley Cyrus, which are probably totally true.


Donald Glover Cryptically Explains On Hotel Stationery Why He Left ‘Community’

By | 77 Comments

Contradicting earlier speculation that suggested otherwise, Donald Glover is not leaving 'Community' to pursue his rap career.


Dan Harmon Really, REALLY Wishes You Wouldn’t Blame Season 4 Of ‘Community’ On Season 3

By | 62 Comments

Dan Harmon took to Reddit over the weekend to defend season three of 'Community,' and rebut any assertions that season four was his fault

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