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‘Community’ Showrunner Dan Harmon Has Heard Some Weird Things About Miley Cyrus

By | 17 Comments

Dan Harmon relays some rumors he's heard about Miley Cyrus, which are probably totally true.


Donald Glover Cryptically Explains On Hotel Stationery Why He Left ‘Community’

By | 77 Comments

Contradicting earlier speculation that suggested otherwise, Donald Glover is not leaving 'Community' to pursue his rap career.

Dan Harmon Really, REALLY Wishes You Wouldn’t Blame Season 4 Of ‘Community’ On Season 3

By | 62 Comments

Dan Harmon took to Reddit over the weekend to defend season three of 'Community,' and rebut any assertions that season four was his fault


Joel McHale And Dan Harmon Killed Their Creative Arts Emmys Opening Monologue. ‘Gervais-Style.’

By | 24 Comments

McHale-Harmon go full Gervais burn city on the best and brightest the Creative Arts Emmys has to offer.


Dan Harmon Is Back At ‘Community’ Because Of Joel McHale

By | 19 Comments

In a new profile of Dan Harmon, sources reveal that it was Joel McHale's support that got the "Community" showrunner his job back.


Dan Harmon's Girlfriend Comes To His Defense Over Rape Comments

By | 77 Comments

Has Dan Harmon's girlfriend, Eric McGathy, made the situation better or worse?


Dan Harmon Is Sorry About Being Honest About Season 4 Of Community

By | 35 Comments

Recently re-hired Community creator Dan Harmon apologized on Twitter for his negative and colorful podcast remarks about the fourth season of Community.


Dan Harmon: Not A Fan Of The Fourth Season Of ‘Community’

By | 94 Comments

Dan Harmon watched Season 4 of "Community," and he HATED it.


UPDATE: Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’ Return Now Double Triple Official

By | 14 Comments

After weeks of Dan Harmon talking about it, Sony has officially announced that he will return to "Community" as showrunner.


Dan Harmon Promises Not To Be A Jerk About Last Season Of ‘Community’

By | 12 Comments

In a recent interview, Dan Harmon said he'd try to be nice and open-minded about the previous season of "Community."


Dan Harmon Says Sony Wants Him To Do The DVD Commentary Track For Season 4 Of ‘Community’

By | 26 Comments

Oh, this could be good. Really good. Although it could also be A DISASTER.


Dan Harmon Is Officially Returning To ‘Community’

By | 39 Comments

Is Dan Harmon returning to "Community"? Yes, but no.

chris mckenna

‘Community’ Currently Has No Showrunner, Might Bring Back Its Best Writer

By | 39 Comments

No one's running the "Community" ship right now, but on the plus side, Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna may return to write for the struggling sitcom.


Dan Harmon Says He’s Been Asked To Return To ‘Community’

By | 60 Comments

Dan Harmon announced at a recent taping of his podcast that NBC has asked him to return as executive producer of "Community."


No One Cares About Inspector Spacetime: 5 Ways To Fix ‘Community’ For Season 5

By | 144 Comments

Now that NBC has renewed "Community" for a fifth season, here's what the show should do after a disappointing Dan Harmon-less season four.


Looking Back On Four Years Of Greendale As We Say Goodbye To ‘Community,’ Possibly Forever

By | 92 Comments

A look back at 'Community,' and how much it's changed -- and not changed -- since the pilot episode.


Dan Harmon Wanted To Do A Nicolas Cage-Themed Episode Of 'Community'

By | 25 Comments

"Community" creator Dan Harmon wanted to build a "Community" episode around a class called "Nicolas Cage Appreciation."


New ‘Community’ Showrunners Are Confident About Season 5, Old Showrunner Won’t Watch Season 4

By | 27 Comments

Moses Port and David Guarascio believe NBC will pick up "Community" for season 5, while the show's creator. Dan Harmon, isn't sure he'll watch season 4.


Dan Harmon And Jason Sudeikis Prank-Called Chevy Chase, With Sudeikis Pretending To Be Joe Biden

By | 20 Comments

During a Harmontown event in Brooklyn, "Community" creator Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis left Chevy Chase a terrible prank call.

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