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Thousands Of Activists Protested The ‘Redskins’ Football Name During Game In Minnesota

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The #NotYourMascot movement in Minnesota came out to the Redskins/Vikings game to protest the continued use of the offensive name.

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‘South Park’ Just Killed Dan Snyder And The Washington Redskins In This Amusing Teaser For Season 18

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Welcome back South Park! The show ran a teaser for their 18th season and it was a beautiful take down of the Washington Redskins.


Dan Snyder Bought Some Coats And A Backhoe So You Can’t Object To The Redskins Name Anymore


The Redskins owner is doubling down by establishing a foundation in honor of doing nice things for Native Americans.


Chef David Chang Wants To Use Kickstarter To Try To Buy The Redskins From Dan Snyder

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Chef David Chang is a Redskins fan and he has had enough of team owner Dan Snyder. Enter Kickstarter.


The Washington Redskins And Racism, A Taiwan Animation Essay


Taiwan Animation tackled the sensitive issue of "football is more important than any other social issue" and the racism of the Washington Redskins name.


Dan Snyder Ain't Care

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The Washington Redskins were 5-11 last year.


Sources: NFL Still A Total Butt

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As has been extensively documented, the 2010 NFL season was played without a salary cap because the owners chose to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement that was in place at the time.


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Maria Milian Beyonce Makes Simon Cowell Eat His Words [Necole Bitchie] September 2011 Layoffs Biggest In More Than 2 Years [HuffPo] 10 Best Covers Of Adele [HuffPo] Dan Snyder Buys $70 Million Yacht [Yardbarker] 7 TV Characters Best Equipped To Run For President In 2012 [...].

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NBA Finals Game 6 Recap: The Heat Lose, Mark Cuban Wins!

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Usually our crack sports team handles game previews and recaps but I imagine that Tins is somewhere in a dark room questioning life's meaning and the rest of them don't fire up their keyboards until a little later.


Dan Snyder Hates Your Support

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Update: Dan Snyder is maybe not the nicest and coolest guy to ever run a football team.



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Vinny Cerrato has left his post as vice president of football operations for the Washington Danielskins, and was replaced (rather quickly) by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers (two Cs, one N, two Es) GM Bruce Allen.


10.27 The Cooler

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Anise Tai Is Smoking Playstation 3 Gets Netflix.


“The Offseason Champs!”

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A shirt inspired by The Skins already $155 million dollar spending spree in free agency and their endless of acquisitions over the years.

Washington Redskins


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The Maj sends us the latest from BradyFan83 returns to help The Daniel pick a new coach.

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