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the greatest event in television history

Paul Rudd’s Amazing Dancing GIFs, Ranked

Promoted by The Greatest Event In Television History

In honor of the fourth and final Greatest Event in Television History, we bring you Paul Rudd's Dancing GIFs, ranked.

dancing gifs

It's The Great GIF Dance Battle: Paul Rudd Vs. Sam Rockwell

By | 17 Comments

It's the question we're the only ones brave enough to answer: who's the better dancer, Paul Rudd or Sam Rockwell?

The Rolling Stones

Celebrate Mick Jagger's 70th Birthday With The 10 Most Delightful Mick Jagger Dancing GIFs

By | 8 Comments

In honor of his 70th birthday, a collection of the greatest dancing Mick Jagger GIFs.

dancing gifs

Celebrate Nic Cage’s Birthday With His Best Dance GIFs

By | 4 Comments

A collection of the best Nicolas Cage "dancing" GIFs from his many amazing movies.

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