Funky Supercut: Dancing in Movies


It doesn't get any better than the pretending-to-be-strangers-but-whispering-secret-plans dance.

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This Supercut Of Every Christopher Walken Dance Scene Is A Glorious Masterpiece

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All of Christopher Walken's dance sequences together in one perfect remix.


Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.


In Vogue's attempt to promote the Super Bowl, Kate Upton danced with Tracy Morgan, stole Michael Strahan's ring and stiff-armed Jason Biggs. For FASHION.


Pharrell Williams Brought The Extremely Old House Down At The World Indoor Bowls Championships

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Do you like Pharrell Williams? Are you extremely old? Do you know what "Bowls" is? This is the greatest video you've ever seen in your life.


This 8-Year Old ‘India’s Got Talent’ Contestant Is The Coolest Kid On Earth

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Eight-year old Akshat Singh is on his way to being an Internet star after this incredible dancing performance on 'India's Got Talent.'

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Watch Mitt Romney Dance Gangnam Style & Become Even Whiter Right Before Your Eyes


This past weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at a conference for young, single Mormons.


Celebrate 5 Years Of ‘Late Night’ With Jimmy Fallon’s 15 Greatest Dancing GIFs

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Jimmy Fallon celebrates five years of "Late Night" tonight. Here are his finest dance moves over the half-decade.


Wolf Of Pop ‘N’ Lock Street: The 8 Best Movie And TV Dance GIFs From 2013

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Never going to stop watching Leo cutting loose in "The Wolf of Wall Street."


Young Celtics Fan Locking & Popping During The Game


Minnesota visited Boston on Monday night, and the surprising C's beat them, 101-97, behind a big game from Jared Sullinger and a poor shooting night for 'Wolves power forward Kevin Love.

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The Ultimate White People Dancing Compilation


The funniest clips of white people "dancing" -- all in one video.


Great Hockey Celebration Or GREATEST Hockey Celebration?

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Norway's Adrian Alvarstein busted a move after his team's 8-3 win and redefined what a good hockey celebration could be. This one involves breakdancing.


The Indiana Hoosiers Football Team Did The ‘Thriller’ Dance At Practice

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The Indiana Hoosiers took a little break from football practice today to bust out a brief Thriller dance.

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Russian Gas Station Attendant Takes Breakdancing Break


A worker at a gas station takes a break to cut a rug.


The New Gold Standard For Vine: A Man’s Buxom Neighbor Dances To ‘Blurred Lines’ In The Back Of His Car

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This is, by far, the best use of Vine, even if (especially because?) "Blurred Lines" is involved.


Stephen Colbert’s Incredible “Get Lucky” Dance Montage


Daft Punk had to cancel their appearance on 'The Colbert Report' due to an iffy contractual hangup, so Stephen Colbert called upon an all-star cast of friends to dance their way through "Get Lucky" with him.


How To Twerk: The Definitive Instructional Video

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YouTube teaches us how to dance like the children with "How To Twerk," the definitive instructional guide.


Wrestler Unleashes Fantastic Victory Dance


Rasul Chunayev tops Islambek Albiev in the gold medal match at the 27th Summer Universiade, and then the real fun begins.

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