Dane Cook Will Let You Know How Many College Groupies He’s Slept With

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Dane Cook was a guest on 'Watch What Happens Live' and revealed that there's no question Dane Cook is not douchey enough to answer.


This Dane Cook Bit Between Joel McHale & John Oliver From Tomorrow Night’s ‘Community’ Is Magical

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Ah, Community. Finding new and interesting ways to make fun of Dane Cook's career.


Check Out This Clip Of Marc Maron And Pete Holmes Hugging It Out And Discussing Dane Cook’s Rug Money

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Marc Maron was a guest on The Pete Holmes Show and provided much needed laughs on a week full of reruns and bad news.

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‘What If I Told You That Jimmy Kimmel And Dane Cook Are Actually F*cking?’

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Madison Brooks is probably not a real Fox reporter, but she sure seems to have a juicy scoop about Jimmy Kimmel and Dane Cook.


Jack Nicholson Had Dane Cook And Maria Menounos Kicked Out Of A Lakers Game

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I’ve always thought that a really fun movie for Jack Nicholson to make – as opposed to anything that shows Kathy Bates’ breasts – would be a comedy about his real life superfan allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers, in which he plays himself caught up in some strange adventure when his zany antics go too far.

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Dane Cook Wouldn’t Allow His Boston Strong Charity Set To Be Livestreamed

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Comedian Dane Cook rejected putting his Boston Strong charity gig set online.


Dane Cook Is Still Crop Dusting Us In The New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Planes’

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Disney could have picked any actor on the face of the planet to provide the voice of the lead character, Dusty Crophopper, in the upcoming Cars spin-off, Planes.


Dane Cook Appropriately Cast As Dusty The Cropduster In 'Planes'

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Originally meant to be a straight-to-DVD excuse to let your TV babysit your children for two hours, Disney’s Planes was instead given an August 9 theatrical release date because producer John Lasseter needs another swimming pool.


NBC Decides They Like This Dane Cook Guy After All

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NBC is trying to make a sitcom with Dane Cook work...again.


Creator Of A Canceled Sitcom Explains Why TV Is A Horrible Bitch Goddess In Tumblr Post

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The creator of "Last Caller," Stephen Falk, writes about NBC unexpectedly canceling his show and why working in TV is awful.


NBC Likes Dane Cook About As Much As We Do (And The Morning Links)

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Dane Cook won't be invading our homes in the spring, and the rest of the Morning Links.

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Oh Boy — Dane Cook Told An Awful Aurora, Colorado Joke Last Night

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In which Dane Cook tells basically the same joke as a Playboy model on Twitter.


Joan Rivers Trashes Jay Leno, Dane Cook, and Chelsea Handler

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Sometimes people give Joan Rivers a hard time, usually for the massive amount of plastic surgery she's had done over the years, or her role as E.


Dane Cook responds to chainsaw-sexed-a-whore gate

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Last week, I told you about Dane Cook's allegedly disastrous drop-in set at The Laugh Factory (a story the AV Club broke), in which he discussed how he'd "chainsaw f*cked a disgusting whore's c*nt," and was derided for his "misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant" set by a number of fellow comedians, notably TJ Miller.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

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India Baby The Best Of Rihanna's Bikini Twitpics [The Source] Yeah, That SOPA Blackout Was Mildly Effective [Uproxx] "American Idol" Ratings Down 24% in Return, Still Tops Night [Reuters] Jungle Brothers Reuniting February 7 In New York City [Broken Cool] 50 Cent Wants To Put [...].


Dane Cook bombed. Badly. (Update)

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Before this descends into the usual Dane Cook-bashing, I feel compelled to say that I do have some sympathy for the guy.


1.16 The Cooler

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Nicole Mejia Vanessa Bryant Reportedly Gets Two Of Kobe’s Mansions [Inside Hoops] 5 Rappers MLK Would Be Proud Of [The Urban Daily] AMC Announces 'Mad Men' Return Date [The Hollywood Reporter] Obama Won't Support SOPA, As Anti-Piracy Pols Back Down [Gothamist] Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google.


Television’s Biggest Douchebags in 2011

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"Douchebag" has come a long way since the 1960s when its meaning was spun-off from vaginal cleaning contraption into the most commonly used pejorative in the English language.

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