We Can Write This: 7 More Free Movie Pitches For Hollywood

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A list of seven more very silly movie pitches that are free for the taking. If Hollywood doesn't jump on these they are fools. FOOLS!


We Can Write This: 8 Free Movie Pitches for Hollywood

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Here are eight dumb movie pitches, including ones for rom-coms, shoot-em-ups, kids movies, and a remake of a classic. You are very welcome.


The Greatest Movie Of All Time Is Currently In Production

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RZA will play an evil drug lord in the new Paul Walker film "Brick Mansions." I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY.


Commercial Breakdown: The ‘Fast & Furious 6′ Super Bowl Ad

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A in-depth breakdown of the first commercial for 'Fast & Furious 6.' All explosions everything.


Writer’s Room: Audiences More Entertaining Than the Movie

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Look, we've all been there: you're sitting there watching a mediocre movie, let's say Spider-Man 3, and on screen, emo Peter Parker is in the midst of shoving Mary Jane down on the floor.

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Shia LaBeouf Compares Working With Studios To Having A Finger Up His Butt

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Shia LeBoeuf sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter recently where he talked about a wide range of showbizzy-style things, including fingers up butts.


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make a Complete Mockery of the Election

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A small refresher: Last week, Stephen Colbert announced his intention to create an exploratory committee in order to run for the President of South Carolina.


Scene Breakdown: Stone Cold

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  NSFW Language  The plot description in the Wikipedia entry for Stone Cold begins with this sentence: Brian Bosworth stars as Joe Huff, a tough Alabama cop who is frustrated with a system that handles criminals with kid gloves.


Scene Breakdown: Cool As Ice

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The early 90s were a weird time.

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Scene Breakdown: Airborne

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Airborne is very likely the most 1990s movie ever made.


The Essential Parry Gripp Collection

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With Vince scoring an interview with Parry Gripp for tomorrow's Frotcast (one many Hollywood movers and shakers are calling "the most important interview of all time ever in the history of things that have been or will ever be"), I figured it would be a good idea to put together a post full of the videos that made Parry Gripp so beloved around these parts.


Scene Breakdown: Cobra

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Up until recently, I had not seen the Sylvester Stallone film Cobra in its entirely.


Weekend Movie Guide

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Ok dorks, let's do a quick rundown of movies that are opening this weekend.


Twilight Cast Evacuated Amid Tsunami Warning

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The cast and crew of the next Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, was forced to evacuate their set on Vancouver Island in Canada amid a tsunami warning stemming from last night's earthquake in Japan.


Matthew McConaughey To Star in AIDS Movie???

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Professional shirtless bongo player Matthew McConaughey is the latest Hollywood leading man attached to Dallas Buyer's Club, a drama centering around a protagonist with AIDS.


Scene Breakdown: The Sandlot

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The Sandlot is probably my favorite movie.

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