ESPN Has A Comeback For Daniel Tosh’s Plagiarism Accusations

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ESPN is finally responding to those plagiarism accusations.


Watch Daniel Tosh Get Sweet Revenge On ESPN For Stealing His ‘Web Redemption’ Segment

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ESPN took Tosh.0's web redemption idea and Daniel Tosh is super pissed about that.

Roll Damn Tide

Here’s A Beautiful Takedown Of Lane Kiffin And Alabama Football From ‘Tosh.0′

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Poor Lane and Layla Giffin. The couple got absolutely destroyed by Daniel Tosh in a recent episode.


Daniel Tosh’s ’30 For 30.0′ Breaks Down One Of The Internet’s Greatest Slam Dunk Videos

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For as long as people have been posting humiliating home videos to YouTube with the hopes of becoming the next Star Wars kid or Tay Zonday, my absolute favorite has always been the goofy white kid showing off his slam dunk moves on a NERF hoop in his basement.

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Bonnaroo’s 2013 Lineup Has Been Announced

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Bonnaroo's 2013 lineup was announced today by Daniel Tosh, who somehow managed not to make a rape joke.


Web Redemption: Gingers Have Souls


The "Gingers Have Souls" kid stops by Tosh.


Tisha Unarmed on Tosh.0


Daniel Tosh welcomes Tisha, the Internet-famous girl who makes food and drives despite being born without arms, on his show.


Daniel Tosh Interviews Krispy Kreme


Internet-famous white rapper Krispy Kreme stops by Tosh.


Attention: Please Stop Adding ‘-Gate’ To The End Of Words

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Please stop calling the Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy "Tosh-Gate," and stop adding "-gate" to the end of words in general. Thank you.


Louis C.K. Tells Jon Stewart That He Wasn’t Expressing Support For Daniel Tosh On Twitter, Was Just Saying Hi

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Last night Louis C.K. went on the Daily Show and offered an explanation for a tweet he wrote many interpreted as a show of support for Daniel Tosh: he was on vacation in Vermont at the time, completely oblivious to the whole rape joke thing.

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Producers Of Daniel Tosh's Animated Series Scramble To Remove Numerous Rape References Before Its Comic-Con Debut

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WELL LOOKIE HERE -- the pilot episode of Tosh's new animated series, Brickleberry, is set to debut at Comic-Con tonight. What's it about? Well, according to someone who has seen it, "most of the pilot is about rape." Uh-oh.

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Daniel Tosh Is Way Too Rapey To Be Telling Rape Jokes

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Daniel Tosh should not be telling rape jokes EVER. Why? Because he looks like a date rapist, that's why.


Move Over 'Bad Date At The Astros Game'

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Back in 2010, we were introduced to a young couple at a Houston Astros game, as they became instant Internet celebrities thanks to every sports blog on the planet and eventually Daniel Tosh.


The 20 Best Ozzie Guillen Misquotes

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Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is currently taking a break from the team’s road trip for a pit stop in Miami to dish out a few thousand apologies for a comment he recently made to Time magazine.


Eli Porter Totally Redeems Himself On “Tosh.0″

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Most of the time Daniel Tosh's infamous "Web Redemptions" deal with someone trying to get back at one person.


Tosh Point Ow

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I'm not sure where the line between "embarrassing yourself on the Internet" and "embarrassing yourself in real life and having people talk about it on the Internet" is drawn, but last night's episode of Tosh.


Tosh Renewed for 4th Season

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Comedy Central has renewed "Tosh.

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