Danny Ferry

Report: Hawks’ GM Danny Ferry Is Likely To Resign

Danny Ferry has been largely absent since a scandal involving racially-insensitive comments last summer. It's now looking like he'll resign.

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Report: 100 Percent Of Atlanta Hawks Up For Sale Next Week


After Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson self-reported an incriminating email this past summer, he agreed to put his 50.


Father & All-Star, Elton Brand, Has Seen It All During His 15-Year Career

It's impossible not to picture the regal bearing of Elton Brand every time he drops another gem of knowledge on us.


Tim Duncan Defends Hawks GM, Danny Ferry, Saying “He’s Not A Racist”

When current embattled Hawks GM Danny Ferry -- who is facing a lot of calls to end his tenure with Atlanta after his comments about Luol Deng joined the Spurs as the VP of basketball operations in 2010.


‘Melo Says No One Will Want To Play For Hawks After Ferry’s Deng Comments


We've alluded to this problem before even as the Hawks continue to keep GM Danny Ferry in his leadership position after his inappropriate comments about Luol Deng came to light.

Luol Deng

Report: Ferry’s “African” Deng Comment Came From Cavs Front Office Report

Embattled Hawks GM Danny Ferry has maintained all along that he was merely a conduit when he read aloud a racist scouting report about Luol Deng for Hawks minority owners, including one, Michael Gearon Jr.

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Billy King and David Aldridge Defend Danny Ferry; Say He’s No Racist

As the situation with Danny Ferry continues to play out, other people in basketball circles have begun expressing their views on Ferry's character based on their personal interactions with him.

Michael Gearon Jr.

Listen To Audio Of Danny Ferry’s Offensive Comments About Luol Deng

Audio of the teleconference in which Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry referred to free agent target and eventual Miami Heat signee Luol Deng as having "some African in him" has surfaced.


Report: Danny Ferry Called Bonzi Wells The N-Word In ’02


During a Blazers win over the Spurs in 2002, Bonzi Wells spat on Danny Ferry and was suspended for a game because of the incident.

Michael Gearon Jr.

Report: Hawks Minority Owner Who Reported Ferry Longed For GM’s Ouster


The organizational disfunction of the Atlanta Hawks is becoming more widespread by the day.

Wayne Embry

Luol Deng Says He’s “Saddened” By Danny Ferry’s “African” Comments


The Hawks probe that eventually forced Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson to sell the team, also recovered an inflammatory incident involving GM Danny Ferry, who made a racist comment about Luol Deng having "some African in him" during a free agency meeting with owners.

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Report: Bruce Levenson’s Email & Sale Of Team Puts NBA Owners On Notice


In the wake of Hawks owner Bruce Levenson announcing on Sunday he was putting the team's majority ownership up for sale after racially insensitive remarks in an email to GM Danny Ferry were made public — purportedly by Levenson — other owners must now figure out whether they've made similar damaging comments, which could come to light in a post-Donald Sterling NBA.

Rick Sund

Danny Ferry And The Transformation Of The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks of the late 2000s and early 2010s were the laughing stock of the NBA.


LeBron & The Ghost Of Cleveland’s Offseason Past


In the summer of 2005, when the rest of us were lining up to see Batman Begins for the 42nd time, newly named Cleveland Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry had his work cut out for him.

Troy Bell

25 College Stars Who Were Busts In The NBA


NCAA seasons come and go before many of us can even comprehend that they happened.


Cleveland’s 5 Worst Mistakes Since LeBron Left


On July 8, 2010, LeBron James told the nation, on national television mind you, that he would be taking his "talents" to South Beach.


Cavs Honor Zydrunas Ilgauskas During Jersey Retirement Ceremony

We always thought of him as the gentle giant because at 7-3 he was bigger than just about everyone while also displaying a kindness that can often allude some of the monsters of the NBA's paint.


The 20 Most Hated College Basketball Players Of All Time


You might be too young to remember Larry Johnson at UNLV.

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