Check Out Your Latest Reminder That ‘Community’ Will Be Returning Soon


The cast is on set, scenes are being shot, marketing is happening. 'Community' will be back soon, folks.


UPROXX Trivia: Do You Know ‘Community’ Well Enough To Earn A Passing Grade?

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For Joel McHale's 43rd birthday, here's a quick trivia session to test your knowledge of 'Community' characters.


Dan Harmon’s Cobra Commander Shirt And Other Highlights From The ‘Community’ Cast On ‘The Soup’

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If Dan Harmon's fat guy-Cobra Commander shirt look doesn't have you convinced Community is returning to form, nothing will.


There’s Good News And Bad News About ‘Knights Of Badassdom’

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Peter Dinklage is packing an ounce of shrooms and there be monsters in need of pummeling in 'Knights of Badassdom'.


'Knights Of Badassdom' With Peter Dinklage Finally Secures A Release, But Which Cut Is It?

By | 5 Comments

'Knights of Badassdom' has finally secured distribution from EOne, but will it be director Joe Lynch's version?


Danny Pudi Got A 'Community' Fan Laid By Autographing A Starbucks Cup


There are a few more moving parts than the title suggests.


Alison Brie Showed Off Her Freestyle Rap Skills With Danny Pudi During Live Show

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Put a microphone in front of Alison Brie, she's going to start rapping, this time with "Community" co-star Danny Pudi.


Is That Abed From ‘Community’ In The Background Of An Episode Of ‘Animal Practice’?

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A reader pointed out that Danny Pudi (Abed from "Community") appears in the background of a shot in "Animal Practice." So ... MONKEY-RELATED TIE-IN?????


Ranking All 68 Episodes of 'Community' from Awesome to the Awesomest

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Tonight "Community" is running three episodes culminating in the season finale.


25 Facts That You Didn't Know About the Cast of 'Community'

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If you've read a single post on Warming Glow over the last month, then you likely already know that "Community" is set to return tonight on NBC.


'Community's' Greendale 7 Teaser Is Getting Us All Hot

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Just when I thought my anticipation level for Community's return a week from today couldn't get any higher (what, with the animated webisodes, Dark Knight/Prometheus mashups, and promise of more Alison Brie GIF-able moments and all) the evil geniuses behind the show go and air their own teaser trailer for the return of the study group during the Soup and create a level of excitement I haven't experienced since "getting to second base" was explained to me.


Alison Brie And Danny Pudi Perform ‘Everybody Dance Now’ To Close Out ‘Community’ Season 3 Filming

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I don't get to write about Community and how impossibly cute Alison Brie is all that often anymore so it brings me great pleasure to share the video she tweeted out late last night of her and Danny Pudi closing down Season 3 Community filming with a spirited rendition of C+C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now.


‘Inspector Spacetime’ Gets The Poster It Deserves


Sam Spratt -- he of Epic Swanson fame -- is back with another museum-worthy tribute to NBC's Thursday night programming (and their fictional programming).

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