20 Cover Versions

This Guy Provides An Amazing Cover Of Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' As 20 Legendary Musical Acts

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Ten Second Songs goes all out to cover Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' as 20 legendary musical acts and totally nails it!


Comics Of Note, March 19th

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A look at relevant comics this week, including Batman and Aquman teaming up.


Comics Of Note, March 12th

By | 15 Comments

This week is packed with great comics. Here are reviews of books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, Valiant, Boom!, IDW, and more.


Comics Of Note, March 5th

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This week in comics is a rich one, with a lot of books on the stands. Here's what's great.


Comics Of Note, February 26th

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This week is a busy one for comics, and we've got plenty of reviews. A look at books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and more.


Comics Of Note, February 19th

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It's a fairly light week, as comics go, but there are some great ones on the stands this week.

avatar press

Comics Of Note, February 12th

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Our weekly look at this week's comics, with books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing, and Avatar Press.


Comics of Note, February 5th

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There's plenty of great comics this week, including a whole set of new titles from Marvel.


Comics Of Note, January 29th

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This week's comics are a bit light, but there's plenty of great stuff on the stands.


Comics Of Note, January 22nd

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There's plenty of good comics on the stands this week: Here's a look at what's new and hot.


Comics Of Note, January 15th

By | 13 Comments

Miracleman returns! And there's a whole host of great comics to read today as well.


“Black Widow” #1 And Other Comics Of Note, January 8th

By | 18 Comments

Black Widow, Batman's 75th anniversary, and more lead off the first major comics week of the new year.

Dark Horse

And Your Next Publisher Of Star Wars Comics Is…

By | 14 Comments

'Star Wars' gets a new comics publisher, and boy, are we going to miss Dark Horse.


Comics Of Note, January 1st

By | 12 Comments

Yes, there are comics on the stands Wednesday. At some of them are really, really good.

2013 recap

The Fifteen Best Comic Books Of 2013

By | 71 Comments

The best comic books of 2013 was a hard list to make, but we whittled it down to fifteen books worth your time and money.


Thunderbolts Annual #1 And Other Comics Of Note, December 18th

By | 30 Comments

The latest Thunderbolts annual features a perverted Doctor Strange. Plus reviews of key books hitting the stands today.


‘Slayground’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 11th

By | 21 Comments

Darwyn Cooke is back with Parker and 'Slayground.' Plus reviews of some of this week's most notable comics.


‘Red Rover Charlie #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, December 4th

By | 32 Comments

'Red Rover Charlie' asks how dogs would take a rage-virus apocalypse. A full review, and reviews of this week's number ones and new issues.


‘Black Science #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, November 27th

By | 23 Comments

'Black Science' is a book we're giving thanks for... and it's a strong week for comics in general.


‘The Fifth Beatle’ And Other Comics of Note, November 20th

By | 12 Comments

'The Fifth Beatle' tells a secret history of the Beatles, and it's well worth buying. Also, reviews of other books on the stands.

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