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Is 100% Completion In Games Really a Good Thing?

By | 14 Comments

100% completion: fun... or just insidious and obsessive compulsive?


'Darksiders II': The Review

By | 5 Comments

A fun, ambitious expansive game that's a vast improvement... except for all the bugs.

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'Sleeping Dogs' and 'Darksiders II': Initial Impressions

By | 3 Comments

For once, both games are well, well worth your money.

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‘Darksiders II’ Vs. ‘Sleeping Dogs': Who Ya Got?

By | 4 Comments

The gaming drought finally breaks with two huge titles.

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The Latest ‘Darksiders II’ Trailer Showcases Death’s Velvety Baritone

By | 3 Comments

In Darksiders II you get to play as Death. Death! Here's a trailer of Death dealing a little uh, death...

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The Guys Behind ‘Darksiders II’ Want You To Shut Up About Zelda And God of War. Also, Here’s A New Darksiders II Trailer

By | 2 Comments

Hey, looking for a game to get you through the slow summer months? Well Darksiders II is coming out in less than a month, and it's looking pretty darn good. Just don't go comparing the game to Zelda or God of War...

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Here’s A Taste of “Darksiders II”


We've got to confess a certain affection for "Darksiders", the Joe Madureira-designed dungeon crawler, if for no other reason than it's gleefully over the top in just about every respect, and there was a lot to do.

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