The Government’s ‘Plan X’ Wants To Make Ridiculous Hollywood Computers A Reality

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You know how every TV show has a pretty graphical interface for hacking? DARPA actually wants to build that.

Prosthetic limbs

The US Military Is Officially Developing Prosthetic Limbs With A Sense Of Touch


DARPA is going full sci-fi and working on replacement limbs with full sensory feedback.


Watch DARPA Hack A Car And Cut The Brakes

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Remember when "hacking a car" was just Hollywood stupidity? Sorry, but reality has caught up with fiction.


DARPA Wants To Build A Helicarrier For Robots

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Of course DARPA wants a helicarrier to fill with robots. Of course.


DARPA Wants To Give Us All A Wolverine-Esque Healing Factor

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Ready to recover from anything within seconds? DARPA is ON IT.

uh oh

The US Military Just Debuted EXACTO, Their Version Of The Blue Shell

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Ever wish the Blue Shell was real? Now it is, and vastly more terrifying, with EXACTO!

#Iron Man

The U.S. Military Is Determined To Make ‘Iron Man’ Really Happen

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Millions have already been spent developing armor for U.S. soldiers that would allow them to do everything but fly and afford the license on AC/DC songs.

uh oh

Of Course DARPA Wants To Teach Robots How To Team Up

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DARPA is teaching robots to team up to complete their objective. Which will probably turn into "Kill All Humans" at some point.


The Military’s Walking Terminator Robot Is Now Advanced Enough To Do Pratfalls

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DARPA has built a Terminator-like robot capable of physical comedy...


The Pentagon Wants Its Creepy Robot Horse To Be Silent And Bulletproof

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The Big Dog robot is absolutely terrifying already. And now the government wants to bulletproof the thing!


Top Government Scientist: Computer Technologically Will Stop Advancing In 2025

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According to Moore's Law, processor speeds will double every two years. DARPA thinks that'll stop being the case a decade from now.


DARPA Has Built A Terminator. No, Seriously.

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DARPA has officially unveiled the Atlas Robot. Yep, we've finally built a Terminator. And they're teaching it to drive.


The U.S. Military Is Officially Installing Laser Weapons Into Fighter Jets

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DARPA is building a laser weapon. OK, so that's not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that it could be in the air by the end of the year.


The Pentagon’s Cheetah Robot Beats Usain Bolt’s Speed Record, Is Nightmare Fuel

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Boston Dynamics' DARPA-funded Cheetah robot broke the land speed record for legged robots six months ago. Now it broke the record for humans, too.


DARPA Can Now Put Out Fires With Sound

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Because it's awesome, that's why! And there's probably military applications, but mostly it's awesome.


Cheetah Robot Breaks Land Speed Record For Legged Robots

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The picture above is not the robot cheetah because baby cheetahs are cuter than robot cheetahs.


The FDA Is Speeding Up The Process Of Turning Us Into Cyborgs


The FDA notoriously takes forever to approve new drugs and medical procedures, all in the name of so-called "safety" and "preventing flipper-babies.


Is NASA Planning One-Way Spaceflights?


Earlier in October, NASA Ames Research Center director Simon Warden mentioned a new project NASA was working with DARPA on: a "hundred year starship," designed for colonizing other planets.

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