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ROFLMNBAO: Kobe's Black Mask, 2012-2012

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With the NBA trade deadline just 7 days away, all of the media's focus is on the big market teams and their needs, which begs the question - which chump teams are gonna get fleeced.


ROFLMNBAO: The NBA All-Star Game Is Upon Us!

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I was hoping that by this point in the week I’d have some fun little anecdotes to share about how Orlando is shaping up for All-Star Weekend, but short of about 60 more homeless people than usual and some banners, I haven’t noticed much yet.

Al Gore

Who Needs Celebrity Friends When You've Got Photoshop?

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A friend of mine used to throw a wild Christmas party every year with a selective guest list, which often left a lot of people pissed off and questioning their friendship.

Antonio Cromartie

Just How Athletes Should Be Honored… By The Cartoon Network


Last summer, while both the NFL and NBA were locked out, I questioned why more athletes <a href="">weren’t attending the Teen Choice Awards</a> to try and gain a little favor from the public.


Joey Barton Wasn’t Too Thrilled With David Beckham’s Super Bowl Ad

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While it wasn’t as good as the Doritos commercial with the dog killing cats and bribing his owner, the H&M underwear commercial (after the jump, ladies) starring David Beckham caused quite the stir for its bulginess and rippling abs… or so I was told, because I was totally checking my phone or peeing or outside grilling steaks, bro.


Ryan Gosling Has Been Snubbed Again

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It has only been three months, but the pain still feels fresh.


David Beckham Is The Real Sexiest Man Alive

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More than 1,000 readers of Heat magazine – which I’ve never heard of but assume is an anti-air conditioning publication – have decided that People magazine is full of doodies, for lack of a more mature term.


David Beckham Wants To Sue This Prostitute

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By all accounts, 2011 was a fantastic year for David Beckham.


Morning Links, And You Didn’t Even Dribble!

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The tracking issues make it appropriately macabre.


Hey Ladies, David Beckham’s Clothes Fell Off


In case you weren’t aware, despite being a world famous soccer superstar, David Beckham is also apparently good looking.


David Beckham Finally Has A Reason To Live

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When it comes to Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy have been the equivalent of the New York Yankees, displaying no shame in paying top dollar to bring in the biggest soccer players in the game.


Wild Card Wednesday: Hooters Loves Matt Leinart, Celebs Love UFC, And Zhou Lulu!

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Welcome to another installment of Wild Card Wednesday, as I try to cram together all of the awesome, random things that we've been missing out on in favor of the big stories and half-naked Marisa Miller.


Wednesday Wild Card: Keibler, Brady, Beckham And The World Series Of Poker

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A ton of stuff happens in the sports world each week and there are only two of us here to try to scoop up as much as we can and shove into all into your eyeballs like an ocular smoothie of awesome.


A Little Something For The Ladies: David Beckham Went To The Beach

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David Beckham and his son Brooklyn, who probably already has a line of groupies as long as the Autobahn what with his <a href="">lavish birthday parties at Harry Potter's castle</a>, hit the beach in Malibu last week and, well, there’s not much you can really say about Beckham that hasn’t been said before.


David Beckham Goes Tom Brady

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David Beckham is sporting a new hairstyle, and of course we wouldn't be talking about it here if it didn't look like ass.


Wow, You Showed Him, David Beckham

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David Beckham is one of those celebrities that will probably have a target on his back for the rest of his life.


Money Ain’t Not No Thang For David Beckham’s Sister

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When your brother's the most famous soccer player in the world who can change the course of cool hair history with the swipe of a razor blade, 'EBT card' shouldn't even be in your vocabulary.

Brad Pitt

Ridiculously Good Looking Men Spar Over the Future of the World… Cup

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If you haven't noticed, this is my extremely clumsy attempt at securing massive hits from the female With Leather audience, if there is one.

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