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The Best GIFs And Images Reacting To Yahoo Buying Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

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A collection of the best GIFs and images on Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr.

david karp

An Exclusive Look At Yahoo Agreeing To Purchase Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

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Yahoo has agreed to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 cash.


Tumblr Gives In To The Inevitable, Will Start Running Ads May 2nd

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<a href=""></a>We all knew it was going to happen.

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Tumblr Throws The Whitest Parties Ever, Apparently

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As you may know, the past week or so has been "Internet Week," the annual circlejerk conference(.


Meme Watch: ScooterKarp, Photoshops Of Our Fearless Tumblr Leader David Karp On A Vespa


The picture above of Tumblr founder and CEO <a href="">David Karp</a> appeared in <a href="">Inc. Magazine</a> a few days ago, and Karp added it to <a href="">his own Tumblr</a> page, drawing more attention to it.

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The time Tumblr founder David Karp almost crapped his skinny jeans


The new issue of the New Yorker Observer features <a href="">a lengthy profile of painfully skinny Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp,</a> the Ichabod Crane of the tech world <a href="!5481871/tumblr-founder-david-karp-empathizes-with-slow-metabolisms">who once remarked</a>, "I feel bad for people who have to work out to look like (me).

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