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Which Media Icons Will We Run To When The Media Icons We’ve Always Run To Are Gone?

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With Stewart, Letterman and now David Carr, we lost or are losing the people who could make us feel better. Who will we now turn to?

#Jon Stewart

Guess Who Was The Last Person Besides Letterman, Colbert, Or Stewart To Win A Late-Night Emmy

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It's been 17 years since someone besides Letterman, Colbert, or Stewart won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety series.

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Brian Williams Cancels His ‘Late Show’ Appearance Set For Thursday

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The embattled NBC Nightly News anchor famously told Letterman his now-questionable Iraq story back in 2013.


Sean Hayes Showed The World Exactly How A Late Night Talk Show Should Open

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Every late night show should open with a huge, elaborate dance number.


RUMOR: Jay Leno Has Had An Invitation To Go On David Letterman’s Show For A Year

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According to a new rumor, David Letterman's people reached out to Jay Leno to have him as a guest a year ago, so why hasn't it happened?

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Mark Your Calendars, Heroes: We Have A Premiere Date For ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

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CBS has announced an official start date for 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert'.

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Watch David Letterman Go Crazy For Foxygen, His New Favorite Band

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Move over, Future Islands, Letterman's fanboy'ing over Foxygen now.

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David Letterman Will Host His Final ‘Late Show’ On May 20, 2015


It's a Wednesday, which is kind of weird, but whatever. After 6,028 episodes, Letterman can do whatever the hell he wants at this point.


Olivia Munn Looked Super Uncomfortable In A Very Short Skirt On ‘Letterman’

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Olivia Munn will rethink her outfit before making her next late-night show appearance.

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Everything You Need To Know About Howard Stern’s Revealing Interview With Dave Grohl And Foo Fighters

By | 22 Comments

From his epic Prince story to the David Bowie song that almost happened, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters had a lot to discuss with Howard Stern.

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What We Learned Watching David Letterman Interview Andre The Giant On His Show In 1984

By | 8 Comments

Andre The Giant was a guest on David Letterman's NBC late night show. The resulting interview is wonderful.

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Take Over ‘Letterman’ With A Killer Chris Farley Impression

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Jennifer Lawrence stole David Letterman's show in every way during a charming interview.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch John Oliver Fish-Slap A Multitude Of Celebrities On ‘Last Week Tonight’

By | 4 Comments

John Oliver schools us about salmon cannons on 'Last Week Tonight', uses one to fish-slap a plethora of celebrities and new anchors.

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A Brief Recent History Of Late Night Hosts Appearing On Other Late Night Shows

By | 3 Comments

It's awkward and amazing when a late night host goes on another show as a guest, these are some of the best moments.

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Amy Poehler’s Fantasy Ending To ‘Parks And Recreation’ Should At Least Be An Alternate Ending

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It wouldn't so much be an ending as breaking the fourth wall and dropping the mic on her network sitcom.


How Johnny Carson Inadvertently Helped Create ‘SNL’ And Molded David Letterman’s Unique Late Night Style

By | 3 Comments

Johnny Carson and David Letterman expanded the world of late night but will they be the last hosts to push the boundaries?

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David Letterman Shares A Wonderful Story About Fatherhood Inspired By The Foo Fighters Song, ‘Miracle’

By | 10 Comments

David Letterman's story about his son Harry and the Foo FIghters song "Miracle" will hit you in all the feels.

foo fighters

Watch Foo Fighters And Zac Brown Perform A Black Sabbath Classic On ‘Letterman’

By | 20 Comments

Foo Fighters teamed up with Zac Brown to cover a Black Sabbath classic: War Pigs.

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