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'The Wire' Creator David Simon Is Writing A Musical About The Pogues

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David Simon will go from Baltimore to New Orleans to an Ireland pub.

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‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon: ‘My Country Is A Horror Show’

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One day we'll finally coax David Simon out of his shell a little.


Anthony Bourdain Filled In For Piers Morgan And Is Now Feuding With David Simon Over Cronuts

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The Wire creator David Simon and journalist David Carr are hilariously upset with Anthony Bourdain after he failed to make good on a promise of Cronuts.

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‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Is Understandably Pissed Off About The Trayvon Martin Verdict

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"The Wire" creator David Simon wrote a blog post about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict. He is not very happy.

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HBO Turned Down A Spin-Off Of ‘The Wire’

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David Simon talks about the spin-off of 'The Wire' that HBO turned down that would've centered on Tommy Carcetti's character.


How to Make Money Selling Drugs (Trailer)


A daring new documentary featuring interviews with drug kingpins, prison employees, celebrities, and lobbyists.

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'The Wire: The Musical' Is Simply Glorious


I have to<a href=""> agree with Hypervocal on this</a>: The Wire: The Musical may very well be the single best thing <a href="">Funny or Die has ever done</a>.

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‘Treme’ Actor Found Dead in River

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In the first season of "Treme," John Goodman's character was found dead in the Mississippi River after he jumped off a ferry and drowned himself.


David Simon Is Very Serious About Having a Sense of Humor

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Remember when the Attorney General joked about how he wanted a sixth season of "The Wire," and <a href="">David Simon was all</a>, "I'll make it if you stop the misguided, destructive and dehumanising prohibition of drugs".


Lighten Up, David Simon

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<a href=""> Last week, while speaking to some cast members from "The Wire" in front of the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder praised the acclaimed HBO series and <a href="" target="_blank">jokingly asked that creator David Simon make a sixth season</a> of the show.

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‘Treme’ Season 2 Teaser Is All Poetic

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Here's the extended version of the newest teaser for Season 2 of HBO's "Treme.

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Extended Tease for ‘Treme’ Season 2

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Here's a new teaser for Season 2 of "Treme," which premieres Sunday, April 24th.

Baltimore Police Commish Disses ‘The Wire’; David Simon Fires Back

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At the Amplify Baltimore event on January 8th, Police Commissioner Frederick H.


David Simon Officially a Genius

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David Simon, the former journalist who brought "Homicide," "The Corner," "The Wire," "Generation Kill," and "Treme" to television, has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, the $500,000 award given to innovators that is more widely know as the "genius grant.


David Simon on ‘The Colbert Report’

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David Simon, who I shouldn't have to tell you is the creator of "The Wire" and "Treme," was Stephen Colbert's guest last night.



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I've got a double-dip of "Treme" goodness this morning.

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Via through they eyes of the city's vibrant music scene -- and with apologies to Chuck Palahniuk: this is Matt's raging boner for jazz and urban decay.

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Fans of HBO's "The Wire" know that Avon Barksdale and Bodie are two key characters in the series' Baltimore drug gang.

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