The Cast Of Adam Sandler’s Netflix Original ‘Ridiculous 6′ Is A Happy Madison Orgy

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Nick Nolte, Luke Wilson, Blake Shelton and Taylor Lautner join Adam Sandler's typical Happy Madison crew for Netflix's 'Ridiculous 6.'

joe dirt 2

The Official Cast Of ‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’ Has Been Announced

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In addition to Spade and Spade's wig, Christopher Walken and most of the original cast returns. Mark McGrath is also in it. Acting.

joe dirt 2

David Spade Is Really Enjoying His Time On The Set Of ‘Joe Dirt 2′

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Hugely popular model Charlotte McKinney shared a photo of her with David Spade rocking the mullet wig on the set of 'Joe Dirt 2.'


David Spade Is Back In The Mullet Wig For ‘Joe Dirt 2′

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So it look like this Joe Dirt 2 thing is happening, huh?


‘Joe Dirt 2′ Is Still Happening, Now With A New Title And A Familiar Wig

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Adam Sandler shared an image of the 'Joe Dirt 2' script on Facebook and included a very familiar wig right next to it.

joe dirt 2

David Spade’s ‘Joe Dirt’ Sequel Is Happening

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David Spade and Crackle have announced an exclusive deal for 'Joe Dirt 2' to launch on the online streaming service.

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The Ultimate Timeline Of Gwen Stefani’s Inexplicable Agelessness

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For Gwen Stefani's 45th birthday, we celebrate the seemingly ageless beauty and brilliance of the successful pop icon.

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David Spade Teases ‘Joe Dirt’ Sequel, Tells Chris Farley Stories

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David Spade teases us with plans for that 'Joe Dirt' sequel everyone's dying for.


Will Ferrell Announced The ‘Upcoming Slate’ Of Funny Or Die Videos In His ‘One Video Of The Year’

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In his "one video of the year," Will Ferrell announced Funny or Die's "upcoming slate" of fall videos that probably don't exist but look fantastic.


Did David Spade Get Catfished?

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MTV's Catfish is, if nothing else, interesting.

Selita Ebanks

David Spade's 'Catfish' Spoof Is A Reminder That David Spade Can Be Funny

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Come for David Spade. Stay for Selita Ebanks looking like sweet goodness.


Watch: The Gag Reel from Tommy Boy

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I just caught this Tommy Boy gag reel over on <a href="http://www.brobible.com/entertainment/video/commence-the-monday-slacking-tommy-boy" target="_blank">BroBible</a>, and apparently it's been online since October, but regardless it seemed like a fun way to waste four minutes on an already-unproductive Monday.


The Trailer For ‘Grown Ups 2′ Has Arrived

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Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and the rest of the Happy Madison cronies are back for the sequel to <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/12/the-10-worst-movies-of-2010">my 2010 pick for the Worst Movie of the Year</a> and, with the glaring exception of That’s My Boy, possibly the worst movie Sandler has ever made, Grown Ups.


David Spade For Eagle Reverse Mortgages


You don't want to entrust your Reverse Mortgage to a company without a qualified celebrity spokesperson.

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‘Grown Ups 2′ Might Not Be ‘Grown Ups 2′

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Chris Rock was at Sundance last week to promote his new film, 2 Days in New York, directed by Julie Delpy, whose best movie was Killing Zoe and I will fight people to the death if they believe otherwise.

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Who The Heck Are These Guys: The FilmDrunk Guide To Happy Madison

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At some point today, people are going to spend actual American currency to see Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, and the soul of cinema will die a little more.

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Adam Sandler Has Too Much Money

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As the cast of the mind-numbingly successful “comedy” Grown Ups makes the rounds to promote today’s DVD and Blu-Ray release, Chris Rock admitted to Howard Stern that his good friend - and demonic source of neverending roles for Kevin James and Rob Schneider - Adam Sandler gave his buddies and co-stars of the movie some very special gifts to show his appreciation - brand new Maseratis.

#the 90s

From the Vault: Hartman and Farley Host a Live Call-in Show

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Lately I've only been remembering the lousy things about the '90s: the atrocious fashion, post-grunge pop music, "Saved by the Bell," the Macarena, and so on.


Grown Ups has a new trailer, still looks stupid

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<a href='http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=104332661'>GROWN UPS</a> This new trailer for Grown Ups played before my Kick-Ass screening last night (review to come).



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I'm terrified of developing positive expectations when it comes to new TV shows -- especially TV shows borne of Internet projects -- but I'd be lying if I said that HBO's "Funny or Die Presents" didn't look genuinely entertaining.

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