Anthony Davis Was Sort Of Right

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The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night to determine which team commissioner David Stern was doing favors for this year possesses the No.


10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports

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Welcome to my day-late weekly predictions that will astound and amaze you, because they're so incredibly tuned into to a psychic frequency that nobody else on this planet could come up with them.


Question Of The Day: Should There Be A Two-Year Minimum For NBA Eligibility?

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I've <a href="">made no secrets</a> about my displeasure with how David Stern runs his league.


Yes, The NBA’s Seven-Game First Round Series Is Still Quite Unnecessary

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Basically, the next week of NBA basketball is pretty irrelevant.

Tom Thibodeau

On Derrick Rose’s Injury, The Fallout & 10 Potential Losers

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When Derrick Rose went down on Saturday, hearts of basketball fans fell as well.


Metta World Peace Earned A Week Off

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On Sunday, the world seemed right again, as <a href="">Metta World Peace turned back into the Ron Artest of old</a> by laying a vicious elbow to the side of James Harden’s head.


That Whole Ads On NBA Jerseys Thing Is Probably Going To Happen

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File this one under “Duhhhhhhhhhhh” and cross-reference it with “Seriously, no sh*t, guys.


Baby Elephants And Friday Morning Links


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ROFLMNBAO: Kobe's Black Mask, 2012-2012

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With the NBA trade deadline just 7 days away, all of the media's focus is on the big market teams and their needs, which begs the question - which chump teams are gonna get fleeced.


The NBA Is Probably Going To Start Selling Ad Space On Team Jerseys

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Last season, the NBA claimed that 22 of the teams had lost money, and now the league and commissioner David Stern have revealed that the majority of teams will again <a href="">lose their butts in 2012</a>.


PoV: Kobe Bryant, The Charlotte Hornet

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Not too long ago, this picture of a young, wide-eyed Kobe Bryant came across the computer screen and instantly threw my mind in a frenzy.


@Storytime: Ice Cube Might Have To Use His AK On David Stern

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There was already a week’s worth of backlash in the media over David Stern* blocking the trade between the New Orleans Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers that would have teamed Chris Paul with Kobe Bryant by the time that the league announced that Paul had instead been traded to the L.


Eric Gordon Isn’t Crying, It’s His Allergies


In what I would think is a pretty cool effort to show love to some people who suffer so much, the Los Angeles Clippers sent Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Eric Gordon on a bus ride with a group of season ticket holders.


And David Stern Was All Like, LOL JK!

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Last night, it was like Twitter had a stroke.


Where Chaos Happens: 5 Important Plot Lines Of The Shortened NBA Season

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Welcome to Part 1 of a However Many Part It Takes series of With Leather’s Guide to Understanding the Shortened NBA Season.

#bill murray

Wild Card Wednesday: Kate Upton Took A Tour Of The New Madison Square Garden

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I probably have a few million first world complaints that I keep to myself for the sake of not being struck by lightning, but if I had to throw one out there, I’d say that Kate Upton <a href="">doesn’t Tweet enough fun pictures</a> of her and her friends.


Rumors Of The NBA Season’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Perhaps I was a bit too bold a few weeks ago, declaring the NBA season dead, because as I had pointed out on quite a few occasions, the players were going to eventually become desperate enough to take whatever they could get.


NBA Lockout Report: We Have A “Tentative Labor Understanding”

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For all practical purposes, we will no longer be doing <a href="">"NBA Lockout Reports."</a> It is with no regret that we inform you that the players and owners have reached <a href="">a "tentative" agreement</a>, after a Friday meeting crossed over into the waning hours of early Saturday morning.


11.18 The Cooler

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Angel Tyler Perry Fires Back At Fans Over Kim Kardashian Casting <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> Why We Must Save 'Community': The Venn Diagram <a href="" target="blank">[Uproxx]</a> Do Not Let David J.

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