TreeSwag EP

Chris Crack – “That Sick” Video


The budding Chicago rapper and his producer Tree visualize their SoulTrap sound.

The Jones

Caleb James – “Mr. Jones” Video

Caleb James may look young but don't let the babyface fool you.

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Eryn Koehn Explains The Story Behind Her “Her Pain”


It all started out with Davy Greenberg mentioning a new video he shot for Eryn Koehn titled "Her Pain," a record where the singer puts her spin on BJ The Chicago Kid and Kendrick Lamar's "His Pain." Things went from simply viewing the video to being blown away by Eryn's pipes and intricate details in her lyrics.


Davy Greenburg x Nike Air Force One’s “The Ones” Series

NSW: "The Ones," an original web series presented by Nike Air Force One, profiles creative individuals who are revolutionizing their respective fields and explores what makes them special.

Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh Feat. King Louie – “How We Do” Video

Rockie Fresh and King Louie aren't claiming the mean streets of Hill Valley, but they still know a thing or two about burning up the pavement with some good 'ol fashioned drag racing while the city sleeps.


Kidz In The Hall – “Occasion” Video

The Kidz with the most swag are taking their "player of the century" angle as far as it can go with "Occasion" and Occasion, the new single and album bada boom, bada bing, currently chilling on iTunes waiting for you snatch the opportunity.

The Otherside

Rockie Fresh Feat. Naledge & Phil Adé – “Living” Video

Words by C. Paicely While rookie Rock’s first video swept through desolate alleys and avenues, the Chi-town young gun’s latest effort throws us into one of the Windy City’s dimly-lit Hip Hop spots.


YP – “Y Not My Dream” Video


Nowadays, rapping seems to be the ideal dream but few can get their heads out of the clouds to make it happen.

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