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Margot Robbie Says She Was Offered The Role Of Harley Quinn In ‘Suicide Squad’ Without Auditioning

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According to Margo Robbie herself, the audition process for Harley Quinn was really easy since there wasn't one.


Melissa Benoist Says That Her ‘Supergirl’ Is A Relatable Character

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In a new interview, the star of CBS's 'Supergirl' says the character is relatable.


Brandon Routh And Wentworth Miller Will Star In A New ‘Arrow’ And ‘Flash’ Spin-Off For The CW

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Can't get enough of the Arrow/Flash universe? Good, because The CW is putting a new show into development in order to expand it.


‘Supergirl’ Has Added Two More Series Regulars To Its Ever Growing Cast

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With a cast that only gets bigger by the day, CBS's 'Supergirl' has just added two more series regularly to the roster.

Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman’ To Begin Filming This Fall

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According to a new report, Wonder Woman's solo film will take flight for the start of production this fall.


Doug Jones Is Coming To ‘Arrow’ As DC Villain Deathbolt

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The CW's 'Arrow' is about to add another villain in the form of Deathbolt, and they got Doug Jones to play him.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Says That Marvel Has Figured Out Superhero Movies And DC Hasn’t

By | 20 Comments

He doesn't have all the answers, but Sam Jackson did weigh in a little bit on why Marvel is currently dominating the comic book movie game over DC.


A 74-Year-Old Woman Asked Jason Momoa About ‘Aquaman’ And He Spilled The Beans

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At Sundance, a 74 year old female comic fan asked Jason Momoa about 'Aquaman', and being a gentleman, he answered her.

suicide squad

Margot Robbie Talks About Mastering Harley Quinn’s Accent In ‘Suicide Squad’

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A big part of Harley Quinn's characterization is her voice, and actress Margot Robbie is hopefully mastering it for Suicide Squad.

DC vs Marvel

Here’s Your Chance To See What A DC Vs. Marvel Movie Would Look Like

By | 15 Comments

We're never going to see an official crossover between DC and Marvel on the big screen, but this fan-made mashup is close.


Batman And Captain America Pistol-Whipped A Woman During An Attempted Robbery In Oklahoma City


The caped crusader, the man out of time, and a female accomplice pistol-whipped a woman at an Oklahoma City gas station before fleeing.


How Can Pixar Make ‘The Incredibles 2’ Even Better Than The Original? Here Are A Few Ideas.

By | 15 Comments

Here are ten ways that 'The Incredibles 2' could possibly improve on the almost perfect original film.

#Batman vs. Superman

First Look: Henry Cavill’s New Superman Suit On The Set Of ‘Batman V Superman’

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Here's Henry Cavill in the new Superman suit on the 'Batman V Superman' set, as well as a supporting character we weren't expecting to see.

#Batman vs. Superman

Is This The Flash On The Set Of ‘Batman V Superman’?

By | 17 Comments

New 'Batman V Superman' set photos have sparked Flash rumors. Plus ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos from Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.


The ‘Aquaman’ Movie Now Has Two Dueling Scripts

By | 12 Comments

Warner has hired writers to pen two separate scripts for 'Aquaman', because we can just never get enough Aquaman?


Jason Momoa Is Aquaman In ‘Batman V Superman’ (UPDATE)

By | 22 Comments

Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman in 'Batman V Superman', and Zack Snyder already revealed a bit about the character.


Honest Trailers Finally Shines A Yellow Light On ‘Green Lantern’

By | 3 Comments

Screen Junkies just debuted a much-belated but much-appreciated Honest Trailer for 'Green Lantern'.


DC Had A Change Of Heart And Will Let A Deceased Boy’s Memorial Depict Him As Superman

By | 9 Comments

An Ottawa man raised money for a deceased boy's Superman memorial, but DC was reluctant to approve the use of the S logo.


Kevin Smith Reveals ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Batsuit Color And More (Plus A Set Photo)

By | 29 Comments

Kevin Smith leaked more details about 'Batman Vs. Superman', and we have a new set photo of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).

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