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Honest Trailers Finally Shines A Yellow Light On ‘Green Lantern’

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Screen Junkies just debuted a much-belated but much-appreciated Honest Trailer for 'Green Lantern'.


DC Had A Change Of Heart And Will Let A Deceased Boy’s Memorial Depict Him As Superman

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An Ottawa man raised money for a deceased boy's Superman memorial, but DC was reluctant to approve the use of the S logo.


Kevin Smith Reveals ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Batsuit Color And More (Plus A Set Photo)

By | 29 Comments

Kevin Smith leaked more details about 'Batman Vs. Superman', and we have a new set photo of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).


Here’s A Closer Look At Gal Gadot On The ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Set

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Here's a close-up picture of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'.


These May Be The First Photos Of Gal Gadot On The Set Of ‘Batman Vs Superman’

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These are probably the first pictures of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'. We want to believe.


‘Batman Versus Superman’ Delayed Amid Rumors Ben Affleck Was Injured

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Warner is delaying 'Batman versus Superman' to the summer of 2016, setting up a showdown with competing Marvel and Fox summer movies.


Warner Bros. Is Finally Releasing The Entire Adam West ‘Batman’ Series This Year

By | 22 Comments

Finally, 'Batman' fans young and old will be able to experience the 1966 Adam West TV series, as Warner Bros. is releasing it as a box set in 2014.


Joaquin Phoenix May Walk Into ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Villain Role

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Joaquin Phoenix (AKA Joaquin Texas Ranger) may soon be joining the DC universe as the lead villain in 'Man of Steel' sequel 'Batman vs Superman'.


Amy Adams Doesn’t Want Wonder Woman Stealing Her Superman

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When asked if she wanted Lois Lane and Wonder Woman to be in a Man of Steel love triangle, Amy Adams said that she'd prefer something else.


Jason Momoa, AKA Drogo From ‘Game Of Thrones’, May Be Slap-Fighting In ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Next

By | 38 Comments

Jason Momoa is in talks to play an undisclosed role in 'Batman Vs Superman', and THR might know who he's playing.


Guess Which ‘Fast And Furious’ Actor Is Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs Superman’

By | 62 Comments

Zack Snyder explains his choice for Wonder Woman in 'Batman Versus Superman'.


What If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs? This Adorable Art Has The Answer.

By | 5 Comments

Chow Hon Lam's funny "Part Time Jobs" series imagines what would happen if superheroes had part time jobs suited to their special powers.


‘Batman Versus Superman’ Casting News, Fan Event Video, And Lex Luthor Update

By | 14 Comments

Two rumored roles in 'Batman Versus Superman' are lining up actors, and Zach Snyder drops a confirmation about Lex Luthor in this fan event video.


Jaimie Alexander May Be In ‘Batman Versus Superman’, Says ‘Thor 3′ Is Happening

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At the ComiKaze Expo, Jaimie Alexander confirmed a third 'Thor' movie is on the way and sparked a 'Batman Vs Superman' rumor.


‘Numbercruncher’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

By | 15 Comments

'Numbercruncher' offers a perspective on the afterlife... and while it's not pretty, it's pretty great. Plus reviews of other new books this week.

Dark Horse

‘Astro City’ #2: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

By | 24 Comments

'Astro City' continues its glorious return, and there are some other great books on the stands as well.

Dark Horse

‘Satellite Sam’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

By | 17 Comments

'Satellite Sam' mixes noir, live television, and pinups into one bizarre but tasty mix. Plus reviews from DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, and Valiant.

Comic Books

‘Lazarus’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

By | 18 Comments

'Lazarus' finds Greg Rucka in rare form. We've got a review, and a look at some other books of interest this week.


‘Six-Gun Gorilla’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

By | 12 Comments

'Six-Gun Gorilla' is our favorite comic this week, but we've got plenty of reviews and the full retail list right here.


Review: Man of Steel

By | 154 Comments

I still don't think anyone has made an amazing Superman movie, but at least Man of Steel made me believe that it's possible.

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