Señor Kaos

Upstairs Studio Presents 4-Ize – Professional Ignorant

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<a href=""> The one they call <a href="">4-Ize</a> doesn't have a lick of sense but possesses some skills in his microphone endeavors.


4 Minutes With De La’s Maseo

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<a href=""> Found in the inbox, courtesy of <a href="">Ruby Hornet</a>.


8.3 The Cooler

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Shay Maria The 5 Second Rule Isn’t True [TLF] Protect Ya Tech: The 10 Coolest Droid X Cases Available (So Far) [Complex] NBA Free Agent Rafer Alston Opts To Coach [Dime] News Flash: Black Magazines Aren't Always That Black [The Root] How To Grill The [...].

The iPod Shuffle

De La Soul – “Patti Dooke”

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<a href=""> Taking the circuitous route, I just finished reading Fred Wesley's autobio, <a href="">Hit Me Fred</a> so that may partially be the reason "Patti Dooke" is making an appearance.

Señor Kaos

4-Ize x Don Cannon – Off The Top Rope

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<a href=""> Hip-Hop can be like WWE at times but <a href="">4-Ize</a> plays neither hero nor heel.


Kidrobot x De La Soul Pack

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For you vinyl enthusiasts (of the toys, not records), <a href="">De La</a> & <a href="">Kidrobot</a> have teamed up to release this set of 3" figures to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Strong Island trio's seminal debut, 3 Feet High And Rising.

Terry Urban

Mick Boogie x Terry Urban – La Da Soul: 20 Years Of De La Soul Mixtape

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Passing through delivering the dope (music), this time in the form of <a href="">Mick Boogie</a> and <a href="">Terry Urban's</a> host of friends gathering together to pay tribute to the legendary Strong Island trio, <a href="">De La Soul</a>.


Video: De La Soul x 20 Years High And Rising Tour x Paris

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Clocking in @ twenty years in the game & still going, De La Soul for your Friday night video.

Zion I

EA Sports Presents NBA Live 10 (Hosted By Mick Boogie)

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As promised, EA Sports delivers a round of songs for the mixtape including never before heard tracks from 88-Keys, Afrika Bambaataa, B.

Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick

Señor Kaos – “20 Years High & Rising”

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<a href="">Kaos</a> back again with the second leak from his upcoming project.

#Kanye West

Video: Kanye’s Performance @ Common Benefit In LA

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Sans the Henny bottle, Kanye makes a surprise appearance -- his first since <a href="">the VMAs</a> -- last night for the Common Foundation Benefit at the Hollywood Paladium.


DJ Rasta Root – The Rest Of Dilla Vol. 1

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Art by the homie Eric9 Not much to say that hasn't <a href="">already been said about this</a>.




<a href="">Undrcrwn</a> keeps killin' the caricature shirts.


Undrcrwn x Native Tongues

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Continuing on with their Spring '09 Music Series, <a href="">Undrcrwn</a> brings it with their next round of artist-inspired creations.

Teenage Fanclub

“Travelin At The Speed Of Light…”

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<a href="">Teenage Fanclub And De La Soul - Fallin-VLS</a>.


Crew Love

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The soundtrack to our daily grind, all in a nice & neat format.


(C)Rank It! – “A One, A One-Two…”

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Now, there's no "Shiny Happy People" in the crew, we play the rough © Posdonus I had full intentions of posting the video, then the thought occurred that <a href="">a (C)Rank It!</a> might be in order since <a href="">it's been months</a> since we did one.


Your Daily Funk – “Just A Touch Of Love”

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From the 1979 album of the same name & the sample source for <a href="">De La's "Keeping The Faith."</a> <a href="">Slave - Just A Touch Of Love</a>.

The Low End Theory

High Praise For The Low End

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If this was 1991, there would no dispute about A Tribe Called Quest obtaining a <a href="">5 Cig</a> rating from TSS for The Low End Theory.

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