Read Taylor Negron’s Essay About Fame, Doing Fake Cocaine, And Rodney Dangerfield

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Back in June, Taylor Negron wrote a piece reflecting on Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, and the state of his fame.


‘La Bamba’ Actress Elizabeth Peña Has Died At The Age Of 55

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Notable character actress from Lone Star, Rush Hour, The Incredibles, dead at age 55.


Check Out The Trailer For Robin Williams’ Posthumous Christmas Movie

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Robin Williams takes a chainsaw to Oliver Platt in one of his final roles.

Jay Adams

Legendary Skateboarder And Original Z-Boy Jay Adams Dead Of A Heart Attack At 53

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Original Z-Boy Jay Adams, the "original seed" of Venice's Zephyr skate team dies in Mexico at age 53.

#Robin Williams

Harvey Weinstein Remembers Robin Williams’ Prank On The ‘Good Will Hunting’ Set

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Harvey Weinstein talks about the prank Robin Williams pulled on Stellan Skarsgard on the set of 'Good Will Hunting.'

#Robin Williams

Comedy, Addiction, And Depression: Robin Williams’ Suicide From The Perspective Of A Sober Comedian

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My personal thoughts about depression, addiction, stand-up comedy, and the suicide of arguably the greatest comedian who ever lived.

#Robin Williams

RIP, Robin Williams, San Francisco Comedy’s Original Success Story

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Robin Williams was found dead of a suicide in Tiburon, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from the comedy scene he helped make famous.


Exploring The Curious Phenomenon Of Paul Walker Tribute Decals

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As far as we can tell, Paul Walker never said "If one day speed kills me do not cry. Because I was smiling," but that hasn't stopped people from putting it on bumper stickers.


Eli Wallach Has Died

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Veteran actor Eli Wallach has died at the age of 98.


‘Searching For Sugar Man’ Director Malik Bendjelloul’s Death A Suicide, Says Brother

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Malik Bendjelloul's death was a suicide. Does that make it more or less senseless?


Roger Rodas’s Widow Sues Porsche Over Paul Walker Crash, Alleging Speed Wasn’t A Factor

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Roger Rodas's widow is suing Porsche, saying a faulty suspension was to blame for the crash, not speed.

easter ruined

Woman Finds Dead Body While Having An Easter Egg Hunt With Her Child — Happy Easter!

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Just in time for Zombie Jesus Day, a woman finds a decomposing human body while having an Easter Egg hunt with her kid.


Comedian John Pinette Dead At 50, After Losing 200 Pounds And Getting Sober

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Comedian John Pinette dead at age 50, months after losing 200 pounds and getting sober.


James Rebhorn Wrote Himself An Incredibly Elegant Obituary

By | 4 Comments

Diagnosed with melanoma in 1992, James Rebhorn had actually penned his own obituary.


James Rebhorn, The Ultimate 'That Guy' Actor, Dead At 65

By | 21 Comments

The world lost one of its most prolific character actors.


The Autopsy For Philip Seymour Hoffman Yielded Predictable Results

By | 3 Comments

The autopsy results of Philip Seymour Hoffman are in and they're just about as depressing as we thought.


RIP: Why We Loved Harold Ramis, Briefly

By | 80 Comments

We remember Harold Ramis, who was involved in more classic comedy movies than you can even remember.


50 Envelopes Of Heroin Reportedly Found In Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment, Along With Other Drugs

By | 9 Comments

Some more details surrounding Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, including 50 envelopes of heroin found in his apartment, along with syringes and a stash of prescription drugs.

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