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Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should.

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Yeah, the Xbox One has been a bit of a PR disaster, but it actually has a lot going for it...

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5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (Nov. 17th – 23rd): A Link To The Xbox One

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The Xbox One arrives as well as two of Nintendo's biggest games of the year...

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‘Dead Rising 3′ Has A Blood-Soaked ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Trailer


They probably wouldn't stock the 'Dead Rising 3' Choose Your Own Adventure book in your elementary school library...

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‘Dead Rising 3′ Gameplay Footage Offers Up Hilarious Carnage

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'Dead Rising 3' is all about killing zombies in ridiculous ways. And yes, they've made it more ridiculous than the previous two games.

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‘Dead Rising 3′ Hits The Zombie Baby Carriage In A New Trailer

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The Dead Rising 3 delivers some of the series' trademark humor...

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'Dead Rising 3' Wants To Put Otis On Your Actual Phone

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'Dead Rising 3' will use SmartGlass to have a character in the game actually call you. Most likely at the worst possible time to do so.

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Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: All The Details

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Microsoft revealed a lot about the Xbox One and its games for E3. Here are all the details, what's coming, and what's missing.

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