SCANDAL: The Academy Of Motion Pictures Currently Employs An Ex Porn Director

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Chalk another W up for Deadline honcho and Bret Easton Ellis’ arch nemesis Nikki Finke, as <a href="" target="_blank">she laid the “TOLDJA!” down on the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences yesterday</a> for a very peculiar recent hire.

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Sack up, Bros! WB just greenlit an Entourage movie!

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Bros, I feel like I've been dreaming about this day ever since Andrea Fingerblast ski-poled Flapjacks and me after the Chi O slave auction in the back of Steve L's mom's beamer on the way to pledge retreat, and now it's finally here: Entourage is getting a movie.


To The Surprise Of No One, Nikki Finke Wrote The Worst Thing About The Emmys

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In her Emmys live blog, Deadline awful person Nikki Finke claimed that "beautiful actresses are not funny" because she's an awful person.


Surprise! Nikki Finke Is Threatening People Over A Twitter Parody Account

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There’s a funny little story I like to tell at my Hollywood swingers parties on board the Sony Pictures invisible yacht.


Bret Easton Ellis’ Agency Hires Lawyers in his Chinese Horse Fight with Nikki Finke

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I'm not sure anyone really cares where Deadline's Nikki Finke lives, so when American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted that they lived in the same building, the world collectively shrugged and went back to its hoagie.


Nikki Finke threatened to “destroy” Bret Easton Ellis

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Nikki Finke's king news without shouting TOLDJA TOLDJA TOLDJA in the headline to show how great she is.

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