Garret Dillahunt Slams Media For Publishing His Wife’s Allegations Against Bill Cosby Without Permission

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'The Wrap,' among others, ran Michelle Hurd's allegations against Bill Cosby expressly against her wishes.


‘Longmire’ Has Been Picked Up By Netflix For Season 4

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Three months after A&E canceled its most watched original scripted series, Netflix saves the day by ordering a 4th season of 'Longmire.'

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20 Times You May Have Seen Timothy Olyphant On Screen And Not Even Realized It

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Timothy Olyphant might play badass Raylan Givens now, but in 1996 he was just a computer geek named Scooby.

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Ranking The 10 Biggest Butt Monkeys On Television

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Celebrating television's butt monkeys: Those who suffer the most humiliation for our viewing pleasures.


15 Fascinating Facts About HBO's 'Deadwood' In Honor Of The 10th Anniversary Of Its Premiere

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HBO's 'Deadwood' debuted 10 years ago today. Here are 15 awesome facts about the profanity-fueled drama and the town it was set in.


‘A Lie Agreed Upon’ Is The ‘Deadwood’ Retrospective You’ve Been Looking For

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Fun fact: The F-word was used 1.5 times per minute of footage throughout the show's three year run.


For The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Deadwood,’ HBO Will Air All 36 Episodes In A Boozy, Foul Mouthed Marathon

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Ten years flies by, but it would seem that it is time to look back fondly on one of the best shows that ended too soon.


Ranking The 20 Most Prolific ‘That Guys’ From HBO’s ‘Deadwood’

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Let's take a moment to appreciate the depth of character actor talent on one of television's greatest series, David Milch's 'Deadwood.'


Shawn Ryan, Television’s Most Cancelled Showrunner, Takes A Crack At An HBO Drama

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The oft-cancelled show runner, Shawn Ryan, takes a stab at an HBO drama. Why not?


Just The Brutal Parts: TV’s 10 Most Violent Deaths

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A collection of the 10 most brutal murders on TV, including selections from "Deadwood," "The Wire," and "Sons of Anarchy."


6.1 The Cooler

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Tisha Marie World Series of Poker Bracelet Is The Most Expensive Sports Prize Ever [Brosome] 'Ask A Vixen' With Playboy Cover Model Tisha Marie [Hip-Hop Wired] Young Buck Reviews 50 Cent's New Mixtape [Broken Cool] 5 Ways To Make “Snow White And The [...].

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Why ‘Deadwood’ Is the New ‘The Wire’

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No, I haven’t yet seen “Deadwood,” and yes, I know I should.


10 Shows that Netflix Should Revive Before 'Jericho'

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It's been a whirlwind year for Netflix, as it attempts to stay well ahead of the curve.


HBO Renews David Milch’s ‘Luck’

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I watched the first episode of HBO's new horse-racing series "Luck" on Sunday, but it's still way too early to make a lasting assessment.

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True Blood Will Have A Fifth Season And Other News From The TCA Critics Tour

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Alan Ball, creator, executive producer and Dracula, of True Blood announced during the show's panel at the TCA TV Critics press tour that not only will his hit show have a 5th season, but he will still be calling the shots.


Venn Diagram: HBO Explained

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No, the banner image does not explain HBO.

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Ron Swanson Sure Looks Different

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Warming Glow reader William is revisiting "Deadwood" on Blu-Ray, and he emailed with a disturbing bit of minutiae: Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson in "Parks and Recreation," appeared nude in the first season of the HBO western.

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Choose Your Own TV Adventure

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The Something Awful forums are always an excellent way to waste time, and I found the Choose Your Own Adventure Books That Never Quite Made It series of Photoshops to be a delight, since Choose Your Own Adventure books were how kids wasted time before the Internet existed.

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