Dean Pelton’s Payday Rap From ‘Community’ Gets The Beat It So Very Much Deserves


The internet has answered the bell and provided Dean Pelton's portion of the highlights with a beat that ups the ante on the Jim Rash magic.


Here’s Jeff Winger & Dean Pelton’s Relationship Re-Cut Into A Psychological ‘Get A Room Already’ Thriller


Community has just released this hilarious re-cut Single White Female-style mashup. Would recommend.


‘Community’s’ Dean Pelton Greendale Recruitment Video Is Chocked Full Of Jim Rash Deanlightfulness


Complete with the Dean's "Straight A's" philosophy and regular production note breaks.


An Oscar Winner Is Writing An Episode Of ‘Community’


Come on, I'm Dean, and I'm writing an episode of "Community" at this MOMENT.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Community’ Finale Live Chat with Special Guests


As you know, Human Beings, “Community” is airing three episodes tonight at 8, 9, and 9:30 p.


'Community's' Dean Pelton Makes the Best Grand Entrances


Jim Rash is not only an Oscar winning screenwriter, he's the biggest scene-stealer in "Community," notable mostly for his weekly grand entrances.


Albert Brooks Is The Winner In The ‘Best Twitter Reaction To An Oscar Snub’ Category

Let me just get this out of the way: I loved Drive (the DVD of which you can pre-order for $14.99 on Amazon right now) and I loved Albert Brooks in Drive -- particularly his intense scene with Gosling at the Chinese restaurant -- but I wasn't one of the people who thought he deserved an Oscar nomination for his role in the film.

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