Watch Five Minutes Of 2014’s 10 Best First-Time Features

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Here's five minutes worth of films you should catch up on to impress your pals at the cheese store.


Frotcast 223: Zero Theorem And Tusk With Andrew Roberts

By | 7 Comments

We invited an Australian on to talk about Terry Gilliam.


‘Dear White People’ Says Your Weed Dealer Doesn’t Count As A Black Friend In This New Trailer

By | 66 Comments

How is 'Dear White People' going to solve racism without a nice white lady? Find out in this new trailer.


‘Dear White People’ Explains The Proper Way To Use ‘Not To Be Racist, But…’

By | 39 Comments

In the first installment of "The More You Know... About Black People," 'Dear White People' explains the proper way to use "not to be racist, but..."


The ‘Dear White People’ Trailer Is Here To Crap All Over Tyler Perry and ‘The Blind Side’

By | 66 Comments

The new trailer for 'Dear White People' takes down Hollywood's depiction of black people, from Tyler Perry to 'The Butler.'

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