The Postal Service Is Getting Back Together, You Guys!

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Ben Gibbard could probably use a little sunshine in his life. Maybe a Postal Service reunion will cheer him up!


How Do You Say Goodbye To A Legend? By Writing An Emo Song About Ichiro

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The New York Yankees bounced back from their humiliating 4-game sweep at the hands of the Oakland Athletics over the weekend by not only beating the Seattle Mariners 4-1 on the field, but also by crushing the spirit of the entire city.

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Death Cab for Cutie’s Video For ‘Underneath The Sycamore’ Tells A Noir-ish Animated Detective Story


Count me as one of the people who would have never guessed that the video for Death Cab's "Under the Sycamore" -- a song about, well, sitting under a tree with the one you love -- would inspire a noir detective tale video.

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All Hail Cut Copy’s Remixing Of Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Doors Unlocked And Open’


I've recently become fond of <a href="http://www.myspace.com/cutcopy">Cut Copy</a>, the Australian electronica group currently touring with <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2011/07/washed-outs-eyes-be-closed-video-is-as-chill-as-you-would-expect-it-to-be/">Washed Out</a>, <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2011/08/here-is-washed-out-performing-far-away-live-in-a-studio-beautifully/">another current musical crush of mine</a>.

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Death Cab For Cutie Teams With Shepard Fairey On New Video


So as you may have heard, <a href="http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/death-cab-for-cutie-grow-up-on-codes-and-keys-20110323">Death Cab For Cutie has a new album out</a> at the end of the month titled Codes and Keys.

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