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Here Are The Best Music Videos And Songs You Missed This Week

Take a Hollywood tour with Death Cab, Ratatat is back after five years with new music, and more in the best songs and videos of the week.


Death Cab For Cutie Frontman Ben Gibbard Slammed Jay Z’s New Tidal Streaming Service


The Death Cab For Cutie frontman joined a growing chorus of people who think the new service is not doing right by smaller artists.


The Postal Service Is Getting Back Together, You Guys!


Ben Gibbard could probably use a little sunshine in his life. Maybe a Postal Service reunion will cheer him up!


How Do You Say Goodbye To A Legend? By Writing An Emo Song About Ichiro


The New York Yankees bounced back from their humiliating 4-game sweep at the hands of the Oakland Athletics over the weekend by not only beating the Seattle Mariners 4-1 on the field, but also by crushing the spirit of the entire city.

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Death Cab for Cutie’s Video For ‘Underneath The Sycamore’ Tells A Noir-ish Animated Detective Story

Count me as one of the people who would have never guessed that the video for Death Cab's "Under the Sycamore" -- a song about, well, sitting under a tree with the one you love -- would inspire a noir detective tale video.

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Death Cab For Cutie Teams With Shepard Fairey On New Video

So as you may have heard, Death Cab For Cutie has a new album out at the end of the month titled Codes and Keys.

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