A Death Metal Band Will Play In An Airtight Box Until They Run Out Of Oxygen

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Unfathomable Ruination is putting the "death" in "death metal."


‘The Simpsons’ Had To Apologize For Calling Judas Priest ‘Death Metal’

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"Judas Priest is not death metal" *writes 700 more times on chalkboard

death metal

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Little Girl Sing A Metal Song On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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A little girl in a polka dot dress sang a metal song on "America's Got Talent" last night. It was amazing.


The Beatles Play Death Metal, And 6 Other Musical Genre Mashup Videos


AC/DC as a funk band, Drake playing polka, the Beatles doing their best death metal impression, and more musical genre mashups.


Stefon Visits Romney Headquarters, Friendship Bracelets, Death Metal Pugs, And Links

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Today's links, featuring interspecies friendship bracelets, Stefon at the Romney election headquarters, and pugs singing death metal.

#Star Wars

Set to death metal, Star Wars Episode I is infinitely more tolerable

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History has not been kind to Star Wars Episode I, mostly because it sucked.


Rebecca Black is a millionaire

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[don't worry, this is the death metal version, and it rules] I'm not going to lie to you folks, although entertainment news is generally trivial and boring as a rule, there were some worthy stories in the last couple days that I couldn't fully insert myself into (UNNNNGGGH).

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