Saturday Matinee – ‘Welcome 2 Death Row’

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The full story of a record label that struck fear in an entire industry.


Obvious News Of The Day: Snoop Says TDE Isn’t Like Death Row

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"Death Row came out disrespectful. Death Row did it with a gangsta approach."


On Left Eye’s Death Row Album That Almost Was

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Since their made-for-TV movie, CrazySexyCool, TLC's been in the news what feels like everyday since.


Could DJ Quik Really Be Retiring?

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After reading the above tweet from DJ Quik - my favorite artist of all time, I felt lightheaded.


The Day Snoop Dogg & Tupac Stopped Seeing Eye To Eye

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People are quick to judge Snoop Dogg's new, Rastafari-influenced music, but they're even quicker to forget that his breakthrough record was about killing undercover cops.


When Kurupt Met Snoop Dogg & Other Hilarious Tales From Tha Dogg Pound

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There's something to be said for best friends interviewing each other.


Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight Squash Their Beef And Here’s The Pic To Prove It

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“That nigga’s a bitch like his wife/Suge Knight’s a bitch and that’s on my life” – Snoop Dogg Depending on the climate and circumstances, battles and beefs can go any number of ways.


Can’t Be Faded: 40 Forgotten Nate Dogg Features

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Graphic: Dimplez Almost a year ago, the Hip-Hop community was stunned to hear about the passing of Nate Dogg.


Hip-Hop History: Eazy-E Disses Death Row On The Arsenio Hall Show

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Students of the game remember this clip of Eazy-E on The Arsenio Hall Show* for the Hip-Hop history it rightfully represents.

Tray Dee

The iPod Shuffle – Snoop Dogg’s “(O.J.) Wake Up”

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When his extremely-hyped follow-up to Doggystyle was being prepped, The Doggfather looked to shine a spotlight on an apprentice, just as Doc Dre had done for him.


Bid On Tupac’s Death Row Chain On eBay Now!

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eBay is the biggest thrift store in the universe and they allegedly have acquired one more addition to their bottomless inventory: Tupac's Death Row Records chain.

The Lady Of Rage

“Puffin’ On Blunts & Drankin’ Tanqueray”

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It pains me as I'm sure it does every long-time Hip-Hop fan to see remnants of a crumbled dynasty.


11.23 The Cooler

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Omni Omar Is Pretty In Purple Is ‘Precious’ the Next ‘Monster’s Ball’.


Gravy Train…

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I'm really starting to like this Lara Lavi chick who runs WIDEawake/Death Row.



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As most of you know by now, former powerhouse record label Death Row was on the auction block earlier this year.

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