#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Fans Are Threatening To Kill The Calvin Klein Model He Posed With

By | 15 Comments

Beliebers are seeing red over a series of racy shots Justin Bieber did with a female model for Calvin Klein.


Chrissy Teigen Said Bye To Twitter After Receiving Death Threats Over A Tweet

By | 18 Comments

Chrissy Teigen is momentarily done with Twitter after her Followers acted like the horrible mongrels they are.


Is This CCTV Footage The First Real Look At Banksy Or Is This Just Another Elaborate Ruse?

By | 11 Comments

Banksy is back on his home turf with some new art and it seems that one of Britain's dozens of CCTV cameras might've caught him in the act.

Mia Talerico

5-Year-Old Disney Channel Actress Receives Death Threats, Likely Because She Plays The Daughter Of Lesbians

By | 30 Comments

The next time you threaten to kill a five-year-old, really think about what you're saying.


Well Hello, Sports Reporter Who Threatened To Kill Her Minor League Hockey Boyfriend

By | 7 Comments

Freelance reporter Tieja MacLoughlin was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill her minor league hockey boyfriend for dating another woman.


The Who’s Pete Townshend Wisely Backed Down From The Wrath Of One Direction Fans

By | 18 Comments

After rumors spread that Pete Townshend accused One Direction's "Best Song Ever" of ripping off "Baba O'Riley," he issued a statement defending the group.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Someone Really Hates Dog the Bounty Hunter

By | 12 Comments

In case any of you were looking for proof that the world is still weird and terrible, there's this: some very, very sick person has been sending horrifying threats via email to Dog the Bounty Hunter about killing and sexually assaulting him and his family.


David Letterman Threatened By Jihadists

By | 9 Comments

According to a group that tracks extremist websites, David Letterman has been targeted by an online jihadist group.


Celtic Manager Religiously Hate Crimed During Game

By | 6 Comments

During last night's heated NBA playoffs, a 26-year-old man tried to assault Celtic manager Doc Rivers, who -- wait, I'm not reading this right.


Ye Olde Baseball Death Threat Found

By | 3 Comments

A month before the Boston Red Sox won their second World Series title in franchise history, pitcher "Smoky" Joe Wood was the target of a devious assassination conspiracy that rocked professional baseball to its core.


It’s Time For Chris Rainey To Play, B*tch

By | 6 Comments

A few weeks ago, former Florida Gators receiver Chris Rainey was arrested for aggravated stalking, which I assume means that he was stalking but he wasn’t good at it so he just became so aggravated.


This Week In Athlete Death Threats

By | 14 Comments

CBS Football loud yeller Shannon Sharpe is taking some time off after being accused of forcing a woman to have sex with him, making death threats against her, and stalking her.

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