The Boobs Versus Butts Debate Has Finally Been Settled Thanks To The Folks At PornHub

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PornHub has finally given us some factual evidence behind what people enjoy more: boobs or butts. Here comes the science.

#Ben Affleck

Sam Harris Hits Back At Ben Affleck Over Their Heated Argument On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

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Sam Harris: "Affleck was gunning for me from the start" on 'Real Time Wit Bill Maher.'


Why Pluto Might Be A Planet Again: An Explainer

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Pluto might be coming back to the roster of planets, if a recent debate is any indication. Here's why.


Important Sports Debate: Which Baseball Dog Mascot Is Cuter, Hank Or Rookie?

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In what may end up being the biggest and most important sports debate of the year, we must decide which adorable canine baseball mascot is cuter.


Bill Nye Meets The Press, Presses The Issue Of Climate Change

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Bill Nye appeared on Meet The Press to debate climate change with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.


The Non-Scientist’s Guide To Bill Nye’s Creationism Debate

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Bill Nye, the science genius of your childhood, debated a creationist last night, and talked about fish sex. Really.

The N word

Actual CNN Debate: 'N Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?'

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Earlier this evening, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a debate about the difference between the use of the "N word" and another racial term like cracker.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks People On The Street Who Won The Debate A Day Early, Confirms Everything Wrong With American Politics

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If anything I'm impressed this many random people on the street knew the candidates. Pat yourself on the back, America. Except for all the lying, of course.


The Internet Responds To Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Remark

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Mitt Romney's claim that he asked for "binders full of women" to pick qualified women for cabinet positions has inspired hilarity.

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The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Veep-Tastic Biden V. Ryan Debate

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In which we learned Joe Biden is Jim Halpert, Paul Ryan totally crushes weights during debates BRAH, and both make for mighty fine GIFs.


The Vice Presidential Debate Summarized In One Picture, Cats Inventing Dubstep, And Links


Today's links, featuring the Vice Presidential Debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden summarized and proof that cats originated dubstep.

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The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Crap Show Of A Debate

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A collection of the funniest pictures to come out of last night's, um, debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with special Jim Lehrer.


What's On Tonight: Ron Paul is Going to Drop a Hot Mic

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2012 Republican Primary Debate (CNN) -- After 3,345 debates so far (Google it), this one may be the last of the Republican primary season.


Lots of People Watched Mitt Romney Tank His Presidential Election Prospects

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No matter where your politics might lie, it's hard to argue with the notion that the clown-car circus that is the Republican Presidential Candidate field is trying their damdnest to ensure that President Obama is re-elected next year, 8.


Freudian Notes…

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What the candidates were really writing during the VP debate the other night.

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