That Profanity Laced Letter To A Teacher All Your Friends Are Sharing On Facebook Is Probably Fake


This corrected version of a student's paper that was posted on Reddit is awesome. Too bad it's probably fake.


The Story About A Woman Trapped On A Deserted Island For Seven Years Your Friends Are Sharing Is A Hoax

By | 2 Comments

You know that story about the woman found on a deserted island after seven years that's all over your Facebook wall? HOAX!


The CIA Has Declassified Area 51. OR HAVE THEY?!

By | 16 Comments

Area 51 has been declassified, and it's just an aviation research facility. OR IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK?!


Organic Food Shockingly Just The Same As Normal Food

By | 24 Comments

Yes, everything you've suspected about organic food being a ripoff is absolutely true.

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