Please Enjoy Scarlett Johansson’s 20 Finest Contributions To GIF Culture On Her Birthday

By | 13 Comments

Let's celebrate the excuse her birthday gives us to explore all her finest contributions, shall we?


20 Leslie Knope Reaction GIFs For Every Occasion

By | 9 Comments

Your all-in-one go to resource for all the Leslie Knope reactions should you ever need them at any point on the internet.


Here Are Impossibly Adorable Jennifer Lawrence GIFs For Every Candle On Her Birthday Cake

By | 28 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence is perfect. Here are a bunch of impossibly adorable reminders on her birthday.


Olivia Munn’s 10 Finest Contributions To GIF Culture, Just In Time For Season 2 Of ‘The Newsroom’

By | 30 Comments

Since we've already covered the important GIF contributions of the internet's other favorite Olivia, now seems like a fitting time to give Ms. Munn her due


Running Is Impossible: The 10 Definitive Chubby Andy Dwyer GIFs

By | 24 Comments

Chris Pratt revealing the new Guardians of the Galaxy version of himself over the weekend has me nostalgic.


Just Because, That’s Why: The 15 Definitive Isla Fisher GIFs

By | 48 Comments

A collection of the greatest, cutest Isla Fisher GIFs.


This Post Has Everything: The 10 Definitive Stefon Nightlife Description GIFs

By | 24 Comments

What's that? You somehow never caught the full definition of a "human suitcase"? Well today is your lucky day.


Good God, Lemon: The Definitive Collection Of Liz Lemon Reaction GIFs

By | 12 Comments

Delete that Abed GIF because you'll never have any difficulty reacting to anything on the internet again.


The 20 Definitive Paul Rudd GIFs

By | 24 Comments

With the help of indisputable Sex Panther math I've determined the twenty definitive Paul Rudd GIFs.

Zach Galifianakis

The 20 Definitive Zach Galifianakis GIFs

By | 5 Comments

Please allow this collection of chubby, bearded splendidness to make your day.


The 10 Definitive Jules Winnfield GIFs

By | 5 Comments

My original intentions were to make this "The 10 Definitive Samuel L.


The 10 Definitive Nicolas Cage GIFs

By | 13 Comments

With Ghost Rider 2: Retired Hairpiece coming out this weekend and Nic Cage not making another movie for God knows how long the clock is ticking on the Renaissance O' Cage so I plan to keep making the most of it.


The 10 Definitive George Clooney Movie GIFs

By | 3 Comments

I don't have much of an idea what The Descendants is about but I dig Alexander Payne movies (Klein was da bomb in Election, yo.


The 10 Definitive Ron Swanson GIFs

By | 5 Comments

All the Community coverage this week has me feeling like I've been seriously neglecting our other favorite Thursday night comedy, Parks & Recreation.

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