League Names DeMarcus Cousins As All-Star Replacement For Kobe

A lone positive gleaned from Kobe Bryant's season-ending injury: a far more worthy candidate has taken his place in the All-Star Game.


GIF: Boogie’s Behind-The-Back Burn Of KG

The Kings fell down by 16 at the half against the Nets last night.


GIF: Rudy Gay’s Casual No-Look Feed For Boogie Jam

Damian Lillard clinched it for Portland in their 98-94 win over the visiting Kings with a smash to put the Blazers up three with 34 seconds left.

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Dirk Nowitzki & Rajon Rondo Say DeMarcus Cousins Deserves An All-Star Nod


After DeMarcus Cousins dropped a near triple-double on them last night in Sacramento — and may have won it for the Kings if not for amateur thespian, Tyson Chandler, the Mavs breathed a sigh of relief.


Watch This Sick DeMarcus Cousins Mix: “Unstoppable”

It's unlikely DeMarcus Cousins gets voted into his first All-Star game by the fans.

Tyrone Corbin

DeMarcus Cousins Says Firing Of Mike Malone Negatively Impacting Kings

It seems so long ago that the Sacramento Kings were 9-5 and the talk of basketball.


Video: Watch A Tired DeMarcus Cousins Take A Possession Off

Before you lambaste DeMarcus Cousins for the video after the jump, keep in mind he missed 10 games with viral meningitis and probably because of his absence his preferred coach lost his job.

Vivek Ranadive

DeMarcus Cousins Didn’t Know Tyrone Corbin Had Been Hired For The Year

There's the proper way to do things, and then there's what the Kings continue to do — even under new ownership.


Watch DeMarcus Cousins Spin For A Powerful Jam Over Tyler Zeller

Tyler Zeller has become a solid player in his third NBA season – that hardly means he's a match for DeMarcus Cousins.

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