Pat Robertson Feels That Demons Can Come After Your Unborn Children On Facebook

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People continue to write in to Pat Robertson's '700 Club' for advice and he proceeds to respond in crazy fashion.


Three Hospitalized American Teenagers In Mexico Are Another Reason To Never Play Ouija Board Again

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Three American teens were hospitalized after being "possessed" while playing the game.


Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons

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When asked if watching a horror movie caused a woman to get in a car accident, Pat Robertson claimed that demon possessions are caused by watching porn.


Pat Robertson: Watching Porn Gives Demons Permission To Ruin Our Lives

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Pat Robertson is still at it despite his age and public opinion, this time claiming that pornography and 'the macabre' are allowing demons into our lives.

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We Must Destroy The Man Who Can Laugh Without Smiling

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The guy who can laugh without smiling must be destroyed before he kills us all.

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