Who’s Hungry? A Burger Joint In Denmark Is Adding Sex Toys To Its Menu.

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Copenhagen's Hot Buns restaurant will soon carry dildos, chains, and whips.


Want To Know What Happened When 1,000 People Ate Ghost Peppers At The Same Time?

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At a gathering in Copenhagen, a thousand people bit into ghost peppers at the same time and everything got sweaty and pukey from there.


Watch Denmark’s Banned Voting PSA That Went A Little Too Far With The Cartoon Sex And Violence

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This now banned PSA makes a better case for moving to Denmark than voting in Denmark.


A Denmark Travel Agency Has Devised A Sexy Way To Increase The Country’s Birth Rate

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No one's having sex in Denmark, despite everyone looking like Jaime Lannister, I assume.


Check Out ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Big Lebowski,’ And Other Classic Films Get Amazing Animated Remakes

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The Animation Workshop in Denmark has put together this collection of student animation presenting re-imagined and remade films lie 'The Big Lebowski'


The Danish Film Critics Put on Their Oh Faces For This Nymphomaniac Parody

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A group of Danish film critics put on their oh faces for a parody of Nymphomaniac's orgasm posters. It wasn't as disgusting as you'd expect from film critics.


Danish Researchers Want You To Control Gadgets With Your Eyes


Use your eyes to flick pages, turn off the screen, and, of course, stare at inappropriate things you find on the Internet. Not that you need software for that last one.


Discovery Of DNA Half-Life Destroys Our Dream Of Cloned Dinosaurs In A Jurassic Park

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Our hopes of a real-life Jurassic Park have been dashed after palaeogeneticists discover the half-life of DNA, but there's a silver lining.

sex tapes

Student's sex tape plays during graduation speech in Denmark

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Having gone to college twice, I can tell you from personal experience that most commencement speeches are boring as hell, usually something along the lines of blah blah blah your future blah blah inside joke blah cutesy joke about never being able to pay off your student loans that's actually more f*cking true than you're comfortable acknowledging.


Breaking News: Look At This Dog

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This is Doug (formerly "Ug"), the abandoned, two-year-old, half-blind Pointer cross dog who sat in a British animal shelter for months awaiting adoption before a cafe worker in South Yorkshire saw him on the shelter's website and fell in love.


Lassie, Take This Keyboard Cat Video to Timmy in the Well

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Mary Huang, Laura Boffi, and Li Bian at The Interaction Design Programme in Denmark have invented something I can't believe I have lived without all this time:  dog phone.


Now This is a Real Game Changer

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Forget all of Hollywood's talk about 3-D being a "game changer".



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"Out of a Forest" is a stop-motion film directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen as his Bachelor's project for The Animation Workshop.

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