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Walter White’s Favorite Denny’s Is Relocating And Albuquerque Residents Are Not Pleased

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No more somber, bacon-filled birthday celebrations at Walter White's favorite Denny's.

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Atari Has Teamed Up With Denny’s To Combine Classic Video Games With Food


Denny's rebranded some of its classic menu items by teaming up with Atari to make food-themed version of its most iconic games.


VIDEO: Professional Eater Takes Down Entire Denny’s Hobbit Menu

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This video apparently hit right before we broke for Christmas, but if you know anything about FilmDrunk, you know we love movie-related novelty food above nearly all things, save C-Tates storyboards, Gary Busey, and Danzig stories.


A Video Review of Denny’s New Hobbit Menu

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It seems like it was only yesterday that I was telling you about Denny's new The Hobbit-themed menu, featuring items such as the "Hobbit hole breakfast," "The Ring Burger," and "Radagast's Red Velvet Pancake Puppies," because who wouldn't want to eat food named for a character with bird sh*t caked down the side of his face.

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Denny’s is offering Hobbit breakfasts now

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If Wahlburgers thought they were going to own the movie-related food market, they've got another thing coming, because MGM is partnering with Denny's to offer Hobbit-themed breakfasts, second breakfasts, elevenses, afternoon tea, etc.


Denny’s To Retake Title Of Bum Headquarters This Tuesday…

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If you weren't stuck in a Stuper Bowl haze last year, you might remember Denny's did the unthinkable and and ran advertisements for free Grand Slam breakfasts for one-day only, which - of course - were so successful the chain of family restaurants decided give the promo another go.

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