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Watch This Kid Get His Tooth Pulled Out By A Quadcopter In The Happiest Tooth Extraction Video Ever

Malcolm Swan attaches the loose tooth of his son, Adam, to an RC helicopter and sends it into orbit.


Go To A Florida Panthers Game, You Might Go Home With A Piece Of Your Favorite Player’s Skull


Krystofer Barch of the Florida Panthers pulled his own teeth and tossed them at a fan, marking the third self-dentistry NHL moment of the month.

wisdom teeth

Watch A Girl Apologize To Her Wisdom Teeth For Murdering Them


“They were just trying to help me chew, and I didn’t accept them," says the only teen who feels bad FOR her wisdom teeth.

this is actually kind of awesome

Dentist Combines MP3s And Dental Drill To Take The Fear Out Of Root Canals


Very few people enjoy a visit to the dentist, but one has figured out how to make it more tolerable.

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