Peyton Manning Is Preparing To Give This Football Thing One More Shot

By | 27 Comments

Sounds like Peyton Manning, the oldest starting QB in the NFL, is going to come back for another season.


It Must Really Suck To Be Peyton Manning’s Backup

By | 16 Comments

Being Peyton Manning's backup is not all it's cracked up to be.


Bill Belichick Made A Powerful New Enemy At The Weather Channel

By | 3 Comments

After Bill Belichick accused meteorologists of being bad at their jobs, the Weather Channel pulled up the stats that matter.


Here’s What Tom Brady Had To Say After Rob Gronkowski’s Ridiculous One-Handed Catch

By | 4 Comments

As it turns out, Tom Brady was mic'd up for Sunday's game against the Broncos.


The Missing Broncos Fan Says He Left Because He Had His ‘Fill Of Football’

By | 9 Comments

The Broncos fan has been found but there are more questions than answers.


The Bizarre Story Of A Man Who Disappeared At A Denver Broncos Game (UPDATE)

By | 25 Comments

Police are still looking for a man who mysteriously disappeared during the Broncos-Chargers game last Thursday.


Here’s A Wonderful Breakdown Of Peyton Manning’s 510 Touchdown Passes

By | 5 Comments

Just how good has Peyton Manning been over the years? Here's a breakdown of his 510 touchdown passes.


Wes Welker Now Says Someone May Have Spiked His Drink At The Kentucky Derby

By | 4 Comments

Denver Broncos WR Wes Welker has been suspended four games by the NFL after testing positive for amphetamines.


Peyton Manning Dancing To ‘Rocky Top’ Is The Nerdy Dance America Needs Right Now

By | 8 Comments

Dear snow, vanilla ice cream, the color on the flag that's not red or blue, and your iPod cord; it's over. There's a new whitest thing ever and its name is Peyton Manning dancing to "Rocky Top."


Peyton Manning Covered ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ Reportedly Shot Man Just To Watch Him Die

By | 2 Comments

If you've ever wanted to hear Peyton Manning cover Johnny Cash, now's your chance. 'Folsom Prison Blues' by a man who has lived them (?).


The 13 Biggest NFL Free Agent Moves: A Sad Cowboys Fan Reacts

By | 30 Comments

Recapping the top deals by players and teams (all except Dallas).


A Las Vegas Bar Made A Really Stupid Joke About The Denver Broncos

By | 8 Comments

In trying to make fun of the Denver Broncos, a Las Vegas bar ended up insulting sick children and all of their families.


Prophet David E Taylor Predicated Super Bowl XLVIII Using Dreams. Really, Really Badly.

By | 12 Comments

Prophet and minister David E Taylor used the power of God and his messages through dreams to predict a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win. Whoops!


Here’s The Best Super Bowl Prank Video You’ll See Today

By | 2 Comments

Watch these Super Bowl fans get pranked by 2 guys taking trash about their teams to their faces. Some of them don't have a sense of humor. Probably the mustaches? Definitely the mustaches.


10 Ways To Sound Like The Smartest Person At Your Super Bowl Party

By | 10 Comments

Let's just enjoy the last meaningful football game until September.


This New Image Of Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Wins The Super Bowl

By | 21 Comments

Everybody's favorite Bromance between Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen takes it to another level with this Super Bowl pic. They're just the best, you guys.


‘The Simpsons’ Predicted This Year’s Super Bowl Back In 2005

By | 26 Comments

Aw, the Denver Broncos, they suck...then they got really good under Homer's tutelage.

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