Bruce Willis

Live Free And Don’t Die Hard In The Womb

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How many of you can picture a barefoot Tim Tebow being forced to walk on broken glass.


Steve Atwater And The Hall Of Fame Snub

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Conversations with Ed go one of two ways - either extremely productive or he ends up getting pissed at me by remembering I had Clay Matthews as the best defensive player in the NFL from a list we compiled few weeks back.


A Denver Broncos Fan Just Wasted $10,000

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After the Denver Broncos lost to the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, a fan hit the message boards and vowed to take advantage of 1980s family road trip advertising strategies by erecting two billboards in downtown Denver, showcasing his demand for new coach John Fox to <a href="">make Tim Tebow the starting quarterback</a>.


The Billboards Worked, Tim Tebow Played

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The Denver Broncos have been the talk of the town throughout the first 2 weeks of the NFL season, but it’s not because they’re good or terrible or anything fundamental like that.


Some Broncos Fans Really Like Tim Tebow

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Despite passing for 304 yards and a touchdown in Monday night’s 23-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders, Kyle Orton has invoked the fury of the Denver boo birds.


When Did Quarterbacks Stop Having Balls?

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When the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos failed to reach an agreement on a trade for Kyle Orton, two things happened: 1) Chad Henne fell ass backwards into another year as the de facto starter for Miami, and B) Tim Tebow possibly lost his job as the starter in Denver.


@Storytime: How To Hurt Tim Tebow's Feelings

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As hard as you try, it's hard to hate nearly-aborted Denver Broncos quarterback and college football hugging legend Tim Tebow.


Looks Like Denver Is Stuck With Kyle Orton


In what slowly developed into the most boring and worthless trade saga of this lockout-shortened NFL offseason, the Miami Dolphins finally told the Denver Broncos to F off in regard to Kyle Orton.


You Deserve A Statue Of Tim Tebow

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While the NFL owners and players may or may not be <a href="">nearing a deal</a> that could give the players a 48% cut of total revenue, it’s good to know that some football fans still have the opportunity to spend their money wisely.


See California? This Is Why You’re Broke

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In 2008, former Denver Broncos running back Floyd Little filed for workers’ compensation in California for the health problems and pains he still suffers from his playing career that ended more than 30 years ago.


Von Miller’s New Tattoo is Awesome

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-56438"></a>If football ever comes back, Von Miller will be a Denver Bronco.


Because You’re Done With the Internet For the Day – Tebow on the Daily Show

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In case you needed more reasons to hate Tim Tebow, here he is on last night's edition of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" being affable and talking about how college athletes deserve to ride around on scooters and eat Bloomin' Onions.


Get Ready To Be Not Stopped By the Silver Crush

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The Detroit Lions defensive line of Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley and Kyle Vanden Bosch haven't played a single down together, but head coach Jim Schwartz's month-long mission to give them a cool nickname is finally over.


Matt Millen Finally States The Obvious

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Matt Millen has three Super Bowl rings from his 12-year career as a linebacker in the NFL, but he will never be remembered for that.


Brandon Lloyd Has A Message For His Former Teams

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Brandon Lloyd will represent the Denver Broncos in the Pro Bowl, the NFL's annual all-star game.


Frightened Cheerleader Is Frightened

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Wow, this Arizona Cardinals cheerleader wants nothing to do with Denver Broncos QB Kyle Orton receiver Brandon Lloyd, who's scrambling where so many of us have only dreamed.


Tim Tebow Is A Coach Killer

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Tim Tebow has played for two head coaches since 2006.


Chargers Float On, Beat Broncos

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Philip Rivers threw four touchdown passes to get San Diego past the Denver Broncos last night, 35-14.


Mike Shanahan’s History Of Screwing Over His Quarterback

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Everyone is still making a big deal of Mike Shanahan's benching of Donovan McNabb's benching against the Lions nearly two weeks ago.


Tim Tebow Wants To Sell You His Underwear

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Be prepared to have the crotch cleavage of your favorite professional bible thumper forever seared into your memory for the foreseeable future because pretty soon Tim Tebow's privates will be blown up and shown wherever advertisements are sold.

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