Denzel Washington Wants To Play James Bond And Other Facts From His AMA

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In a Reddit AMA for 'The Equalizer,' Denzel Washington admitted that he'd love to play James Bond and host 'Saturday Night Live.'


Expendables Fantasy Draft: How Would You Assemble Your Perfect Team Of Action Heroes?

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Our panel of eight experts faced off in an epic fantasy draft challenge to select their ultimate 'Expendables' action hero lineups.


Denzel Washington Is At His Absolute Baddest In ‘The Equalizer’ International Trailer

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Denzel Washington is killing every Russian mobster in his path to save Chloe Grace Moretz in the international trailer for 'The Equalizer.'


Saturday Matinee – Spike Lee’s ‘He Got Game’

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During the past 15 years, not many roles have ascended into the ranks of immortality quite like "Jesus Shuttlesworth.


Comments of the Week: Super China Giant Screen, I Guarantee It

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Your comments always inspire fun collages, but this one was particularly satisfying.


SUPERCUT: Denzel Washington guarantees you. Lots of different things.

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One reason we love Denzel Washington, besides his penchant for <a href="" target="_blank">landing planes upside down and drunk</a>, is his ability to make bold proclamations and inevitably see them through in a cathartic finale.


Supercut: Denzel Washington Makes Guarantees


Denzel Washington is guaranteed to make a guarantee in every movie he stars in.


John Travolta Turned Down ‘Flight’ Because Do You Even Fly, Bro?

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Wax sculpture John Travolta, who seems like he says words like "potty" and "silly" even when he's not talking to kids, recently claimed that he turned down the lead in Flight.

robert zemeckis

Review: Flight is basically an infomercial for AA with planes

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If a critic's first responsibility is to help the reader enjoy a particular work - and I'm not sure I agree, but I've heard that - with Flight that's an easy one: stay for the first 20 minutes and then leave.


David Letterman Hosted An Audience-Free Show Last Night With Denzel Washington (And The Morning Links)

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Watch a clip from David Letterman's audience-free taping with Denzel Washington, and the rest of the Morning Links.


9.17 The Cooler

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Nya Lee DMX Reportedly Becomes Deacon In Church [The Urban Daily] Chicago Teen Attempts Car Bomb In Jihad Attempt [Chicago Sun-Times] Clint Eastwood Explains His RNC Speech [CNN] The 2012 Fall Movies Guide [Film Drunk] Romney's Poor Political Timing Worsens [The Root] Mike Miller Says He’ll [...].


The Best and Worst of Ridley Scott

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When you're talking about Ridley Scott movies, and I'm assuming this is right after your home sock puppet show, it becomes immediately apparent that he's a rangy English bastard.


Adam McKay wants to remake Uptown Saturday Night with Denzel & Will Smith

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Released in 1974, Uptown Saturday Night told the story of two blue collar dudes played by Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier who get robbed at an uptown night club, only to find out one of them had a winning lottery ticket in his wallet.


Republicans love Johnny Depp

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Forget the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes or even the People’s Choice Awards.


Denzel Washington’s Trillest Moment, A Decade Later

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If not mistaken, there was a slight bit of controversy behind Denzel Washington taking home the Academy Award for his role in the 2001 cult-classic, Training Day.


The Best Of 2011 Commencement Speeches: Clinton, Hanks, Poehler, Denzel, The First Lady And More


This month, college students across the country have donned their caps and gowns, crossed their stages, shook the hands of prominent university and college figureheads, accepted their diplomas and were instantly offered their dream jobs that they've worked so hard to achieve for the past four years.

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