A British Teen’s Selfie Video Documented Her Six-And-A-Half Year Battle With A Hair Pulling Disorder

By | 3 Comments

A young woman, now twenty-one, has been documenting her struggle with trichotillomania since 2007.


Study: Facebook Depresses The Hell Out Of Everyone

By | 8 Comments

Facebook may be giving you a nice dose of "What am I doing with my life?" according to new research.


‘Hyperbole And A Half’ Returns! Allie Brosh Takes Us On A Poignant Journey Through Depression.

By | 6 Comments

Allie Brosh creates webcomic Hyperbole and a Half and inspired a meme. Now she returns after a long absence with a webcomic perfectly describing depression.


Major Breakthrough Of The Week: Drug Lifts Major Depression Symptoms In Hours

By | 3 Comments

Did you know that ketamine can cure depression? As in, scientifically? Now science may have isolated that whole "cures you" thing while leaving out the "tripping balls".


Bad news for Twilight fans

By | 25 Comments

The bad news for Twilight fans continues today, as scientists have discovered that not only might your cat try to kill you <a href="" target="_blank">for naming it Renesmee</a>, breathing in its feces has been linked to higher rates of suicide.

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