And Now To Help You Forget About The Miami Heat Blowjob Party, Here's Christians


In what might be the exact opposite of a bunch of basketball fans traveling across the country to get blowjobs from porn stars, here's a picture of two nice young ladies at the New York Jets training camp who drove seven hours with personalized signs to get a hug from way back back-up quarterback Tim Tebow.


Holy Crap, That Miami Heat Porn Star Oral Sex Celebration Actually Happened


Back in June, we introduced you to Angelina Castro and Sara Jay, two adult film actresses who also happen to be the world’s biggest Miami Heat fans.


Friday Face-Off: Which Desperate Internet Girl Should Win A Date With Tim Tebow?


Welcome to our weekly installment of Friday Face-Off, which pits two insanely popular YouTube videos against each other to determine which is the champion of the week.


This Is Why The Angels Hired An Actor Monkey


This isn't really a sentence that ever should've been typed, but somebody in the St.


Giants Fans Are Desperate For Tickets


Now that the world’s prayers have been answered and baseball TV ratings powerhouse monsters the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants will begin World Series action tonight, fans of these storied franchises are doing whatever they can to get their hands on tickets to the games, as if it’s rare for them to make it this far.

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