See The Director’s Cut Of Kendrick + Dr. Dre’s Beats Commercial

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Beats by Dr. Dre unshackles a three minute director’s cut of <a href="">their original spot</a> featuring Dre and Kendrick.


Dr. Dre And Kendrick Lamar Work On Not ‘Detox’ For Beats By Dre Commercial

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Stop what you're doing and watch this Beats By Dre commercial with Kendrick Lamar rapping over a Doc Dre beat.


6.25 The Cooler

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Laura Dore Jerry Sandusky On Suicide Watch After Guilty Verdict <a href="">[GOT]</a> Five Spotify Apps That Will Change How You Listen To Music <a href="">[Venture Beat]</a> What Are You Watching This Summer.


Not Making Music Has Made Dr. Dre Tired or Dr Dre Is Taking A Break From Not Making “Detox”

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<a href="">Dr. Dre</a> has a lot of f*cking nerve.


Snoop Dogg Tells The Truth About Detox

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<a href=""> Yeah, it's another Detox-related post but this one is coming straight from the Doberman's mouth. Nobody was believing that ying-yang <a href="">Swizz was poppin' the other day</a> and Snoop Dogg went to England to set the record straight with Tim Westwood about his original mentor's much-maligned album.


Swizz On Dre’s Detox: “Worth The Wait”

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<a href=""> <a href="">MTV:</a> "It's just been a great experience for me, whether they go on the album, whether they don't go on the album," Swizz said of his time spent in the studio with Dre and the songs they've recorded.


The Week That Was: The Can’t Wait Edition!

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Gucci Mane and Lil B</a> are riding the carousel of fame.


Of Course Detox Isn’t Coming Out On 4/20…Or Any Day For That Matter

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<a href=""> There's only a handful of reasons why Just Blaze would be hanging out with Dr. Dre in Twenty Eleven, and outside of spotting his bench presses and button mashing on the PS3, the logical guess would be something Detox-related. And since Justo <a href="">finally made good</a> on his never ending promise in releasing a mythical album, The Good Doc figured he'd stake a piece of claim in buying the Brooklyn Bridge and announce a date for his 3 ½ studio release.

#Miley Cyrus

The Week That Was: The Everybody’s Smokin’ Edition

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<a href=""> <a href="">Rosa Acosta</a> was <a href="">the gift</a> that just kept <a href="">on giving</a> at The Section this week.


Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon – “Kush” Video

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<a href=""> Could Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Interscope finally decide to put Detox on store shelves in 2011? The odds are improving since <a href="">"Kush"</a> has been fairly well-received - or at least not panned like other leaks - and branded as an official single.

XXL Magazine

Dr. Dre & XXL Make Chess Moves, Not Checkers

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<a href=""> Who needs Detox when you have...Botox®? That was a lil joke, ha ha. Speaking <a href="">of which</a>, according to the <a href="">XXL cover</a>, it seems like Kanye West got another one of those ratings only reserved for his albums.

Snoop Dogg

Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon – “Kush”

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<a href=""> Okay, now that Jay Electronica is out from hiding, <a href="">Eminem & Royce</a> are recording towards their album again, I guess the moons have aligned for Dr.


Dr. Dre Says Detox By Christmas, Inspired By Eminem & Jay-Z

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<a href=""> <a href="">Rap-Up:</a> "When asked at Wednesday’s Beats by Dr.


8.4 The Cooler

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Deelishis Brett Favre Will Not Play In 2010* [With Leather] Drinking Freedom: 5 Bourbons You Should Try Now [Complex] My Bologna Has a First Name, It's C-A-N-C-E-R [Gothamist] LeBron Ignores Cleveland in New Ad, Thanks Hometown Akron, Ohio [The BVX] T3 On The Status Of [...].

Vibe Magazine

Aftermath Knows How To Vibe

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<a href=""> Considering the amount of clout <a href="">Doc Dre</a> and <a href="">Eminem</a> possess, I could've easily come up with a catchy tag line to try and trick you into checking out this post.


Video: “The Doctor Who Cried Detox”

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<a href=""> Aesop rocked but if he rapped, this would be the story he would tell to the kids at the campfire. As hilarious (and ridiculous) some of <a href="">Jeff & Eric's</a> fables may be, they always manage to prove a point.

Wu Massacre

The Week That Was: The Where’s “Under Pressure”? Edition

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<a href=""> I know you spend a lot of time in the studio Dre, but what's up?  By your appearance at <a href="">Fenway on Sunday</a> to peddle your headphones with Jimmy, I'm pretty sure you didn't think yesterday was April 1st did you.

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